RC Helicopter Reviews & Overviews

I have written several RC helicopter reviews on RC helis that I have or would consider purchasing myself.

Some Of The RC Helicopter Reviews I Have Done

This review page is simply an easy access point to those individual review & overview pages. I have broken the review list down into 5 categories for easier navigation:

1: Micro Coaxial

2: Micro Single Rotor Fixed Pitch

3: Quad Rotor

4: Single Rotor Collective Pitch

5: Visitor Reviews (new)

Micro Coaxial RC Helicopter Reviews

Micro Single Rotor Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter Reviews

Quad / Mulit Rotor RC Helicopter Reviews

Single Rotor Collective Pitch RC Helicopter Reviews

Visitor Reviews

Had great flights & fun with a RC Heli you love?
"Write about it here".

Do you have a favorite RC Helicopter? Show it off to others and share your experience with it. Why it's been such a great machine and perhaps tips others would like to know about it. How about problems? People like to know about them too ;-)

Visitor Submitted Reviews

It was never my intent to do RC heli reviews on this web site of mine not to mention most are not on the market for long; but I figured if I had these birds myself or did a bunch of research to find out if they would be coming home with me, I may as well write about my experiences with them.

Giving visitors to my site the opportunity to also write about their own experiences with specific helicopters can only help broaden the scope of this page since I have a limited budget (time & money). 

Nope, I don’t get these things for free! I purchase them with my limited hobby budget funds just like the rest of you, so my review page is limited to what I have purchased or considered purchasing since there is no way I can review every bird out there due to costs and time. As I mention on my Best Heli Page, this site’s main intent is to give you information on what makes a good RC helicopter, what makes them tick, support equipment needed, and how to learn to fly them successfully; but hopefully these reviews & overviews will give you a little more knowledge in your search for the "perfect bird" for your individual needs if one of these birds ends up on your "short list".

Why I choose these brands is very simple – they work for me and my needs. In the entry level segment, I choose Blade’s RC helicopters because I can bind them to my JR or Spektrum radios meaning I don’t have to waste money on a new radio every time. I also have great local hobby shop support for Blade heli parts and that is one of the single most important criteria (other than proper function & good design) I place on choosing a specific brand of bird over another.

For the higher end stuff, Align is currently my brand of choice for 3 main reasons: Again, superb local parts support where I live (the main reason why I switched over to Align from Miniature Aircraft 6 years ago). Align offers very impressive component quality / fit and finish for the price, and lastly, I really enjoy the hassle free super combo kits they have that come with all the electronic components. This saves me a fair amount of time and saving time to me, is the same thing as saving money.

On the turbine side of things – that one is really simple... Bergen RC offered the best quality kits that use the two stage Wren heli turbine engines. I wouldn’t even consider flying a turbine RC heli with anything but a two stage turbine and my personal opinion is Wren makes the best.

If money was no concern and I lived in the States so I wouldn't have to spend a small fortune on brokerage/import fees every time I order heli gear from the States (you don't want to know how much $$$$ I got soaked for by Canada customs when that Intrepid crossed the boarder), I would most likely fly nothing but Bergen's birds (for the really big stuff). They are simply the highest quality machines out there right now in my opinion. If you are ever fortunate enough to get a Bergen Heli, you will know exactly what I'm talking about.

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