Align Helicopters
Best Quality For The Price?

by John Salt - Updated September 2021

Why do Align Helicopters remain to be popular? Simple, they do everything right – from design to parts support; Align RC knows the RC helicopter business better than most and what it takes to make some of the nicest birds and support equipment out there for the price.

Align Trex 800E RC HelicopterAlign T-Rex 800E - Smooth As Glass

In the 30 years I have been involved in this hobby, I have never seen the type of dominance one brand holds over all the others the way Align RC and its line up of T-Rex helicopters do. Add to this a huge Trex aftermarket parts & Trex clone market and it's hard to ignore how Align has and continues to shape our hobby.

No question Mikado, Oxy, SAB, and XL have certainly eaten into Align's domination over the past several years with outstanding high end RC helicopters and innovations of their own; but you pay for it! Whereas for an average Joe flier like myself, Align offers reliable no hassle performance, build quality and super combo kit convenience bang for the buck.

Align Helicopters are still winning their fair share of competition titles world wide after all, so performance & precision is not lacking in the least. In the hands of a top pilot such as Alan Szabo Jr., Align helicopters are a thrill to watch (and hear).

Align is a company based in Taiwan and got into the RC heli manufacturing biz around 15 years ago now. 

Align’s main products before getting into the RC market were milling machines and attachments, high end vacuum cleaners, and small household appliances. All areas of manufacture that lend themselves nicely to radio controlled helicopter manufacturing and design as well.

Align RC sweats the details and it shows in their helicopter kits.

Align Helicopters High Quality Parts And DesignAlign Helicopters High Quality Parts And Design

Align helicopters have some of the nicest CNC machined parts going with nice little details such as heat sinking, colored anodizing, laser engraving, and offer a wide selection of kits to suit almost everyone’s needs & budget.

In recent years however, the main focus for Align (as with most of the higher end RC helicopter manufacturers) has been higher and higher performance and power to cater to the hard core 3D crowd.

Many versions for example, 600 size and up are only available as HV (high voltage) 12S power versions. The fiberglass airbrushed canopies seem to get nicer every year with easy to see, bright bold colors and graphics.

With collective pitch helicopter sizes ranging from the tiny T-Rex 150 up to the large T-Rex 800, there is an Align Helicopter for most people and most budgets. The T-Rex 150 up to the 800 are all available in electric powered versions. 

The T-Rex 600 & 700 are also available in nitro powered versions. Some people are even converting their T-Rex 600's & 700’s to gassers, and even a couple to turbine. Due to the popularity of Align, aftermarket conversion kits do exist.

Align Helicopter kits are a pure joy to build. Whether this is your first RC helicopter build or your fiftieth, I think everyone will appreciate how well the parts are identified, how easy the kits go together, and how good the instructions are.

Align Trex Helicopter Kit

As you can see, every part grouping is nicely and compactly packaged and identified making for easy and fast assembly. Fit and finish is superb! 

The instructions are logical and well laid out showing the corresponding parts bag identification, exploded parts view, assembly instructions, and listing each part down to the last set screw.

Align Helicopter Parts Bag

The first time builder will be impressed how nicely an Align helicopter kit goes together, and the more experienced RC heli builder will be amazed how quickly a T-Rex can be built with many of the fiddly parts already being pre-assembled.

I have built and flown my share of RC helicopters over the years and was loyal to Miniature Aircraft USA which up here in Canada became harder and harder to get parts for. 

Align helicopters on the other hand are carried at almost every good hobby shop around the world with an outstanding parts support network including many aftermarket parts. I'm a true fan of Align now flying five Trex 600’s, a tiny 150X, a 250, a 450, a 700E with BlackShark3 F3C fuselage, and an 800E. 

Align Trex DFC HeadAlign Trex DFC Head

As I mentioned, Align jumped on the DFC bandwagon in a very big way back in 2014 and starting incorporating DFC heads on every single model. 

Here's my DFC writeup if you are unsure exactly what DFC is.

I'm still not convinced this was a good idea nor am I convinced DFC is a better way to phase the swashplate to the head over the conventional tried & true washout links, at least on larger RC helicopters. 

Align however listens to their customers and pro-pilots, and the latest "X" versions of their (larger) helicopters are once again going back to standard FBL heads with traditional washout's - nice.

DFC debate aside; most Align T-Rex helicopter kits come in "Super Combo" versions.

These "combos" include a full range of helicopter specific digital, digital coreless, and HV digital brushless servos, plus a full line-up of very powerful high quality Align MX brushless motors, ESC’s (Castle Creations), and a few with the Beast X/Plus flybarless system.

These super combo kits, hands down, give you some of the best quality, all inclusive, high performance helicopter kits for the price. As I said before, best bang for the buck is how I look at all these Align super combo kits.

Align Helicopter Recommendations

With all the various Align Helicopter Kits currently offered, it's impossible to recommend what is best since it depends on your specific needs, flying area, & budget.

As I've already mentioned, all their super combo kits offer the best no hassle value since most include everything other than the receiver, radio, LiPo battery for the electric versions & nitro engine/muffler for the nitro versions.

Align's A10 Computerized Radio Is Included With All Their RTF Helicopter PackagesAlign's A10 Computerized Radio Is Included With All Their RTF Helicopter Packages.

Align also offers up three smaller ready to fly (RTF) helicopters (the 150X, 300X, and 450LP ARTF).

All come pre-built, setup, and include Align's A10 ten channel computerized radio for those just getting into collective pitch flying and need computerized radio as well.

As I say many times, if you are flying collective pitch, you need a computerized radio - period. 

Align T-Rex 150 Class

Align Helicopters T-Rex 150

The Trex 150X (links to my full review), is Align's smallest collective pitch helicopter. It is also the only collective pitch RC helicopter in Align's line up that uses a fixed pitch motor driven tail.

The tail hold on this little micro CP heli is surprisingly good however due to both the small heli size/mass and the fact it uses a pretty strong and high quality brushless motor on the tail.

The Trex 150 DFC Combo like may of Align's birds these days comes fully assembled with all electronics in place.

Two version are available: RTF (ready to fly) & BTF (bind to fly). The RTF version comes with the A10 10 channel computerized radio, like their 300X and 450LP RTF helicopters.

Align T-Rex 300 Class

Align's T-Rex 300X RTF and BTF RC Helicopter

The next smallest collective pitch bird in Align's fleet is their pre-built T-Rex 300X. The 300X replaces their popular small size 250. Two versions are offered, a RTF (ready to fly) version that comes with the Align A10 radio, and a BTF (bind to fly) version.

The MiniGRS FBL unit that was used in the previous Trex 250 and 450LP RTF is still utilized, with a whole new servo package, ESC, & motor. It's 3S powered which has plenty of power for most folks, but can be converted to 6S for the real hard core 3D smackers.

This is a nice size heli for park flying (where legal). Its flying weight is just over 500g so it won't fall under the 250g weight exemptions many countries are now imposing for RC aircraft registration.

Like most of Align helicopters X series, the 300X's landing struts are angled downward to provide improved tail rotor ground clearance. 

Align T-Rex 450 Class

Align Helicopters T-Rex 450

As I say many times, I feel 450 size electrics (300 to 330mm long rotor blades) are one of the best ways, and sizes to get into single rotor collective pitch for many people.

They are not as twitchy as a smaller micro CP and much easier to see and work on. They cost considerably less than the larger birds (both up front and for replacement parts & LiPo battery costs) making for a less stressful learning experience. 450's as a general rule of thumb give you the most rotor size to dollar ratio out of all sizes of collective pitch helicopters from micro to monster.

The T-Rex 450LP ready to fly heli package is Align's replacement to their very popular 450 Plus. Like the plus version it comes with everything to get you flying including a decent programmable radio. 

The other thing I really like about this 450 size heli like the plus version, is it uses a 3S power system. For beginners learning on on 450, 3S LiPo power on this size helicopter is more than enough. Anyone who tells you 6S is needed on a 450 size machine has obviously never tried to instruct a student on one! Way too much power and 6S drives battery costs up substantially. Here's my full write-up on this wonderful bird.

Align T-Rex 450Dominator

The Align T-Rex 450L Super Combo is their high end 6S powered 450 size helicopter kit. It boasts higher end components than the 450LP and is meant for the serious 450 flyer and pro pilots.

Full metal DFC flybarless head components and torque tube tail drives are the main component differences along with a high end digital servo package and BeastX Plus flybarless system.

The 450L Dominator is sporting the new 460MX motor and use many of the design features such as sliding battery trail rails once only seen on Align's larger birds.

Align T-Rex 470 Class

Align's most anticipated helicopter release in 2016 was their 470LT. They also decided to drop DFC and go back to washouts on the head. Yea! 

This new 470 rotor head still offers a lower center of mass, even though it uses traditional washouts. To improve the strength and durability of the main and feathering shaft the 470 main shaft diameter was increased from Ø5mm to Ø6mm. The feathering shaft diameter was increased from Ø4mm to Ø5mm (compared to the 450).

The 470LT has adopted a high standard 1.2mm 3K carbon fiber main frame and a wider body design which increases the size of the battery compartment allowing the use of larger capacity LiPo packs.

There are several versions of the 470L Super Combos available depending on your needs.

Align T-Rex 500 Class

Align Helicopters T-Rex 500X

Refreshed and refined, the T-Rex 500X & XT utilizes a new washout head design that lowers the center of mass which reduces resistance during 3D maneuvers while increasing flight responsiveness and precision.

CNC parts sport silver & red anodizing, extending Align's quality development based on their 700 & 800 class helicopters. The T-Rex 500XT main frame utilizes composite material integration technology on carbon side frame plates, including the addition of battery mounting side rails, and a top motor mount design.

  • The 500XT incorporates a new torque tube drive assembly, highly reducing gear abrasion and increasing power output, giving a more direct and precise tail performance.
  • The 500X uses a belt driven tail for you belt drive fans. 

The landing skids on both versions are tilted 5 degrees forward to improve tail rotor ground clearance. 

Align T-Rex 550 Class

Align Helicopters T-Rex 550X

For those of you with 30 sized nitro helicopters and are looking at getting into electric flight with a bird roughly the same size as what you are familiar with, the T-Rex 550’s are for you. This is the size most people consider “regular” since it is what most of us “old guys” learned on when nitro was the only power option.

Now that the 6S powered T-Rex 600ESP is no longer available, in my opinion, the 550 is a very nice collective pitch machine to start on in this size segment. It's the one I would most like to instruct on and what I recommend to people who I know want a larger bird to start with, but don't want the large step up into double the LiPo costs with the 650, nor the (almost scary) power increase.

Like the 470X and 500X, the T-Rex 550X has gone back to a conventional FBL head with washouts and the landing skids are angled 5 degrees forward for improved tail strike immunity.

Align T-Rex 600 Class

Ah yes, the good old 600’s – my personal favorite all round size RC helicopter! This has so much to do with the predictable fluid flight characteristics and visually easy to see platform. 600’s (same size as a 50 size nitros) are simply a joy to pilot and they make make a great sound.

The Align T-Rex 600ESP - An Ikon.My Align Helicopters Journey Started With The T-Rex 600ESP

I was first introduced to Align Helicopters back in 2009 when I got to try out a T-Rex 600ESP. I was sold within the first 30 seconds of flying it! What a machine! It's what really got me fired up about the hobby again. 

To this day, the T-Rex 600ESP remains to be one of my favorite RC helicopters of all time. It was my first large electric powered RC heli, and as such, holds several special spots on the heli shelf. I still fly all of them, and they are all working as well today as when brand new.

True, an electric 6S (22.2 volt) powered 50 size heli may be somewhat under-powered for the high performance hard core 3D stuff that is now being performed; but for the average flier up to enthusiastic sport/light 3D pilot, there is more than enough power.

Keeping the costs lower by not requiring a much more expensive 10S or 12S LiPo power system made economical sense for many folks who put budget before insane performance. These 6S 600ESP versions also make for great scale mechanics, offering easy battery access and correct swashplate layout along with integrated anti-rotation bracket.

The Align 600ESP is no longer available, but if you're lucky, used ones do show up from time to time. 

This is one of my 4 600ESP's inside a Bell 222 Fuselage

The Align T-Rex 650X Dominator Super Combo Kit

The day of 6S powered 600 size electric RC helicopters are of course long gone. The newest 600 size offering from Align is their 12S powered T-Rex 650X Dominator Super Combo Kit.

T-REX 650X is equipped with ALIGN 800MX (720KV) motor with excellent torque and high efficiency. The HV RCE-BL130A ESC supports 2X 6S 3000~6000mAh LiPo batteries for the 650X.

The 650X super combo also includes three DS820M HV brushless cyclic servos and one DS825M HV brushless tail servo along with the Microbeast PLUS Flybarless System. 

Pilots can choose main blades from 600~650mm based on their preference for outstanding flight performance.

The 650X is an Align helicopter for all pilots. It has excellent stable flight like a 700 size machine, plus the nice slower elegant fluid & predictable flight performance we are used to in a 6S powered 600. For F3C precise flight or slow fancy flight, the 650X has you covered. 

Nitro lovers aren't left out!

Nitro powered thrills are waiting for you with the T-Rex 600XNNitro powered thrills are waiting for you with the T-Rex 600XN

The 2020 T-REX 600XN (50 size nitro) adopts the direct to swashplate servo design, compared to the previous generation T-REX 600N’s push-pull mode control. Utilizing the 550 flybarless washout head which gives this nitro version an extremely low center of mass, to effectively reduces resistance during 3D maneuvers, and increase flight responsiveness and precision.

The new narrow body efficiently decreases gear abrasion and frame deformation during flight. The T-Rex 600XN maintains proper CG, by moving the engine forward to allow the fuel tank to be positioned in the center of the main shaft. CG remains consistent as the fuel level changes during flight.

The new steel alloy clutch liner is durable with temperature control designed to avoid the exploding clutch liner or a breaking clutch housing. The steel alloy clutch liner extends the life to over a 1000 flights. 

The new high voltage output: 6A 7.4V BEC with down / regulation system for constant power to the CCPM server channel for receivers and servos. It includes a built-in one-button push glow plug igniter eliminating the hassle of using traditional electric clip plug on igniters. 

The brand new DS820M/DS825M high voltage brushless servos use brushless motors for fast speed, high torque, superior, and efficient reaction time allows the Align 600XN precise, fast performance. The new CNC machined aluminum case design is aesthetically appealing while acting as a highly efficient heat sink.

Align T-Rex 700 Class

Align Helicopters T-Rex 700X

What can I say, the 700X is a big bird (same size as most 90 size nitros). It's powered by 2 6S 5000 mAh LiPo’s wired in series (12S = 44.4 volts). The 700X is a power hungry machine yet when flown conservatively can produce some impressive flight times (over 12 minutes). I'm currently flying the first generation 700E FBL Super Combo and it has been a fantastic heli from the very first flight.

The unique Split-Type Main Frame design on the new 700X incorporates composite material side plates, is engineered using Align's proprietary embedding technology, which strengthens the entire structure and provides better accessibility for servicing the T-Rex 700X. 

Again like other Align "X" models, the landing skids are angled forward to improve tail rotor ground clearance and they have gone back to a conventional washout type FBL rotor head.

Without a doubt, the 700 is the size I usually gravitate to when I just want to have insane fun out at the field as it usually puts on the best show and eats up my less than perfect stick inputs. It's pretty much my favorite heli right now for acro flight.

Skinning it out with the Align/BlackShark3 F3C fuselage (designed specifically for the Trex 700E) has only helped improve the overall enjoyment and visual impact of this wonderful helicopter.

Align Helicopter BlackShark F3C FuselageAlign Helicopter 700E BlackShark F3C Fuselage

Align 700XN Nitro Super Combo Kit

Like the 600, the 700 also is offered in a nitro version, the T-Rex 700XN Super Combo to be exact. Do you miss the wonderful sound & smell of nitro? No longer!

Like all of Align's newest birds, direct servo to swashplate linkages are used on the 700XN. DFC has been abandoned in favor of good old washouts on the rotor head. And they have angled the boom up for better tail rotor ground clearance. 

With LiPo batteries getting more expensive and harder to source here in Canada, I'm very tempted to get back into nitro power, and the 700XN super combo kit would certainly be a nice way to do it.

Align T-Rex 760 Class

Align Helicopters T-Rex 760

The brand new Align T-Rex 760X features a longer length over the 700 and new 760 main blades for F3C/3D flight precision and slightly different flying feeling. A "stretched" 700 in other words.

Like Align's other "X" models, the 700X goes back to a conventional flybarless rotor head with washout linkages. The really neat feature however is it comes with two different styles of blade grip arms. 

There is an F3C arm set and a 3D arm set. The F3C arm effectively doubles the flight stability with excellent and precise control accuracy. The 3D arm is more suited to extreme 3D flight and provides more direct and faster control response. A tri-blade tail rotor is used for maximum tail hold and authority. I predict, a tri-blade main rotor head option will be introduced as it seems tri-blades are the new marketing must have. I see them as nothing more than added cost, drag, and complexity, but we are all different thank goodness.

Rounding out the "X" features is the 5 degree tilted landing strut forward design; again to increase tail rotor ground clearance and because SAB and others are doing it, guess Align figure they should as well.

Align's 760X F3C Fuselage Combo Kit In Blue (red is also available)Align's 760X F3C Fuselage Combo Kit In Blue (red is also available)

For those of us that love the sweeping and sexy lines of a full bodied F3C fuselage, the Trex 760X is also available in a kit that includes an F3C fuselage.  It's easy to see it was inspired by the Blackshark 3 F3C fuselage I currently have on my 700.

Align T-Rex 800 Class

Align Helicopters T-Rex 800ET-Rex 800E Pro, Align's Monster Size Flagship

The T-Rex 800E Pro was a big brute with full aerobatic 3D ability. It's pretty much the same size as my Intrepid turbine but has unfortunately recently been discontinued. I'll keep it up on this page as there is still stock out there and who knows if an 800X is around the corner? 

I just love seeing this big beast up in the sky having lots of fun flying it fast and hearing those 800mm rotors "barking" and then hearing the echo off the mountain ridge in front of where I fly. Heli heaven! 

Align T-rex 800EMy T-Rex 800E During A Nice Winter Flight

Align Demeter E1 900 Industrial Heavy Lift Machine

Align's Demeter E1 Industrial Heavy Lift RC Helicopter

It's encouraging to see Align broadening its scope to the "commercial" side of UAV applications with their heavy lift E1 900 helicopter. 

With an 11Kg payload lift ability, the E1 900 is not only an industrial workhorse; it comes with a very sophisticated, fully autonomous flight control system with a multitude of sensory input which includes: sonar altimeter, GPS, Glonass and BDS system providing precise, stable and real-time positioning.

This AP2 intelligent flight controller has built-in ARM Cortex-M4 32 bits 180MHz processor supports multiple flight modes (such as Attitude/GPS/Intelligent), Auto Return Home and Rescue Return Home, Obstacle Avoidance, Low Voltage Protection, OSD output and Gimbal Control.

Moreover, with Align's highly integrated ground station, the automated mapping function will compute the best flying route for you or allow you to map preferred pattern; also can effectively monitor flying status, do mission management, record flying trace, that achieve advanced capacity for safe, efficient and convenient working quality.

I'm including the E1 900 on this page for two reasons:

  • To show just how Align RC continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with today's modern radio controlled helicopters.
  • For all the emails I receive asking if there is an RC helicopter that can lift around 20 pounds for some kind of commercial application. 

This much lifting performance and automation is not exactly cheap with the E1 tipping the scales at $6K USD. However, considering the few and much more costly commercial RC helicopter options, Align's heavy lift solution represents good overall value.  

Last up... What would an Align Helicopter write-up be without a video of their 800E in action? Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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