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If I'm Not Out Flying, Chances Are I'm Working On This Site or Answering e-Mails.

With the popularity and complexity of RC helicopters, my daily eMail load has exceeded my ability to respond to everyone.

Please feel free to have a look over the guidelines below to understand what questions I will try my best to answer and ones I may not answer.

The contact form is 2/3rds down the page.

Site Feedback?

Nope, this site is not complete and no, it never will be.

There are simply too many facets of this hobby to cover every single one and with the rapidly changing technology, this site will hopefully continue to grow and evolve to embrace it.

Site feedback is always welcome so if you feel there is a topic that I have missed, corrections, etc., please let me know. That said, I don't pretend for a second to know it all and there are some area's I simply don't know enough about to be an authoritative source to write about it.

Copyright infringement is something I definitely like getting contacted about so if you find my articles, content, or photos ripped off on other site/s and they have not linked back to the original source they got it from passing it off as their own, I really would appreciate knowing about it. I should take the time right now to thank the many people who have already helped me out with this ongoing & time consuming problem.

RC Helicopter & Product Recommendations?

Seeing that I haven't flown every RC heli out there or used every product, it's impossible for me to make recommendations on specific models/components or what would be the best one for you. I don't know your budget, your flying area/environment, your skill level, what brand/s is/are carried at your local hobby shop, if you're getting one on one help from an instructor, or how deeply you want to dive in and get your feet wet. I cover all that on my Best RC Helicopter Page and as that page points out, there is no one best heli for everyone but I do give several examples of birds that I would consider for various types of skill sets, flying styles, and why I recommend them. This will give you solid ideas of what features to look for in other brands as well if you are considering something different. In short, I generally don't respond to any recommendation type questions on helis or equipment.

Of course, if you want to ask questions about the 600 ESP helicopter kits I sell - I'm here to help.

Want To Advertise On This Site?

Please see my Advertising Page for ad options, rates, and other advertising information. Please use the contact information on that page for advertising specific questions.

Technical Questions?

I get so many daily... I used to try my best to answer every one, but the volume is just too high. I'm only one guy after all and there are only so many hours in a day.

Priority is given to people who purchased any one of my heli kits, or  eBooks or have a question/s about the kits or eBooks. I always respond to "customers" first since the simple reality is they spent the money, and therefore deserve the time & service.

I then do my best to respond to questions I know are not covered on any of the pages on my website (assuming I know the answer of course). If a question is covered on one of the pages, or in one of the eBooks, I will generally send you a quick link to that page or eBook, usually along with some other helpful ideas - at least I hope they help :-)

For me to give an accurate answer on a technical question, I need lots of information. "My heli won't fly anymore or spins around" unfortunately doesn't give me any useful info to help diagnose the problem. On top of that, trying to diagnose problems remotely is often impossible; but there are lots of common issues so as long as I have enough info, I will try my best to help. I might be right or I might drop the ball completely - there is no substitute for hands on diagnosis.

Lastly, if you don't get a response, please don't take it personally. It simply means I didn't have the time due to a heavy question day/s, you gave me an incorrect eMail address (that happens a lot), or perhaps the question was simply beyond my scope of knowledge & experience (again, I don't pretend for a second to know it all).

Can I Call You For Help?

Short Answer - Nope! Why? I get thousand's of visitors a day to my site and can't even keep up with the email load - imagine the implications if I started a phone/tech help service - that's what the hobby shops or tech help services from the manufacturers are there for, not me...

E-mails are simply a very time efficient method of communication. I'm upfront and available using this contact medium. I'm an RC helicopter enthusiast and want to help other enthusiasts if & when I can; but I can't man a phone 24/7. Phone calls simply take up massive amounts of time that I just don't have.  

If your feedback requires a response, I do my very best to get back within 24-48 hours, however, at busy times of the year such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Father's day, that time frame can likely double. I usually take Sundays off (flying time or the "honey-do list" you know). Again, eBook and 600ESP heli kit customers are always given top priority.

I respect your privacy and will never share your eMail address with anyone else.

"Wishing you successful fun flying,"

John Salt ;-)

Contact Me

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Please Note:

After you submit this eMail contact form, you will be sent an auto reply confirmation eMail to confirm your contact form was sent to me and allows you to make any corrections to your original submission if need be. Do not respond to this auto reply eMail unless you need to make a correction to your form submission! If you don't get this confirmation eMail, you likely miss-typed your eMail address or you have filtering/whitelisting turned on that sent the confirmation to your eMail's junk or delete folder. The thank you message that will pop up after you submit the contact form will show the email address to whitelist.

Speaking of whitelisting, I have been forced to turn it on as well because of the hundreds of spam eMails I was getting daily. This is a pain in rear-end for everyone, but it's an unfortunate reality. In short, if you send me an eMail directly before I whitelist it though this contact form or you whitelist your address, your eMail will just bounce back saying it couldn't be delivered. If that happens, use the contact form here so I can whitelist your address.

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Some Kind Words From A Loyal Visitor

Hi John, I would just like to say that your eBooks regarding RC helicopters are the best guidelines and help that I have discovered on the internet.

I have now got to a point where I can do my own setup and not rely on someone else.

Your videos on learning how to fly really makes learning how to fly a lot more fun with very little stress. Congratulations and keep it up.

I have introduced quite a few friends starting off to your website, and everyone rates it no.1.

Best Regards, Johan Botha - South Africa