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    Nov 20, 2021

    Build An RC Multi Position Switch DIY Video

    DIY easy analog RC Multi Switch build. I looked high and low for an RC switch that had multiple switched outputs controlled by a single proportional RC channel. I couldn't find bugger all!

    Are my search engine skills that bad, or does a device like this simply not exist?

    I found lots of multi switched relay modules for Arduino micro controllers.

    I found lots of multi switched relay modules with their own IR or RF simple button activators.

    I found a couple dual relay output RC switches, but I needed more switched outputs than just two.

    What to do? Build your own using a servo and common 12 position rotary switch. It's that basic. Simple often works best :)

    So, if you need a multiple position switched output controlled by a single RC channel for your radio controlled project - you my find this analog DIY RC switch build a workable solution.

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    Nov 13, 2021

    RC Helicopter Stabilization Explained Video

    I've been getting lots of RC Helicopter stabilization questions lately.

    Basic questions such as what is self level mode vs. 3D mode, what is 6G, how to know what stabilization mode you are in & how to set them up.

    Also many questions about which RC helicopter stabilization mode is best to learn on and why.

    If you have such questions or just want to know more about RC helicopter stabilization, I cover these questions and others in this video with some flight demos to help explain it better.

    Continue reading "RC Helicopter Stabilization Explained Video"

    Nov 08, 2021

    RC Helicopter For Kids & Beginners - Making An Informed Purchase

    How To Choose The Best RC Helicopter For Kids & Beginners in 2021

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    Sep 30, 2021

    ESky 300 V2 OpenTX Setup Video

    Esky 300 V2 Open TX setup is pretty straight forward. Multi Protocol has supported Esky's V2 protocol for about a year now, so if you haven't updated your Multi module's firmware lately, you may need to do that first.

    The Esky 300 V2 is one of the best flying fixed pitch micros for wind handling and a great flying little helicopter. Paired to a good OpenTX computerized radio, it becomes even better.

    Fine tune your cyclic and tail rotor response to make the 300 V2 indoor friendly and outdoor responsive at the flick of a switch. Eliminate deadband. Have a proper flight timer.

    This is all possible once you bind & setup your 300 V2 to an OpenTX radio system.

    Continue reading "ESky 300 V2 OpenTX Setup Video"

    Sep 24, 2021

    Understanding Gyroscopic Precession In RC Helicopters

    What is Gyroscopic Precession and how will it affect phase lag in your heli controls - or does it?

    Continue reading "Understanding Gyroscopic Precession In RC Helicopters"

    Sep 22, 2021

    Blade Helicopters - Why They Are A Good Choice

    Why are Blade helicopters such a good brand to start with when the market is literally saturated with entry level RC helicopters? Let's find out.

    Continue reading "Blade Helicopters - Why They Are A Good Choice"

    Sep 10, 2021

    E-Sky 300 V2 RC Helicopter Video Review

    The E-Sky 300 V2 fixed pitch RC helicopter is one of the best flying FP RC helis I've flown to date! It handles wind much better than most micro FP helicopters currently on the market thanks to the rotor blades and head speed.

    Unlike most fixed pitch RC helicopters that use non-symmetrical high lift rotors; the E-Sky's 300 V2 uses performance symmetrical rotors like most collective pitch RC helicopters use. These blades are also spinning at higher head speeds. This combination gives the 300 V2 cyclic response similar to collective pitch RC helicopters.

    So what's the catch? Why don't all FP RC helicopters also use this blade design? Well, this more aggressive cyclic response will make the 300 V2 harder to fly for newbies. Fixed pitch is where most newcomers to the world of RC helicopters get their start - the 300 V2 is not ideally suited to them. It's also more complicated to work on with the fuselage over a simply pod & boom design.

    It is however a perfect at home yard or indoor flyer for those that already have some RC helicopter flying experience and want a fixed pitch RC helicopter that has some wind handling ability.

    The E Sky 300 V2 also looks amazing! One of the best looking fixed pitch micros currently on the market in my opinion with a streamlined F3C style fuselage in Airwolf coloring.

    The E-Sky 300 V2 has well behaved flight characteristics thanks to an auto-level flybarless flight control system which goes a long way to tame it down. It's a pleasant and predicable little heli that isn't over powered and thanks to the innovative belt driven main rotor, is surprisingly quiet.

    The E-Sky 300 V2 comes as a ready to fly (RTF) package. It comes in two versions - Mode 1 (throttle on the right) & Mode 2 (throttle on the left). Ensure you choose the correct version at time of checkout if you decide to get one. Both RTF versions are priced at around $150 USD and come with one LiPo flight battery. You'll also need 4-AA batteries for the radio/transmitter.

    Continue reading "E-Sky 300 V2 RC Helicopter Video Review"

    Aug 30, 2021

    FX-951 Soldering Station Video Review

    This clone FX-951 soldering Station costs about 1/4 that of an actual Hakko FX-951 soldering station; so what's the catch? Is the quality any good? Does it even work? Are there better direct drive T12 / T15 tip, low cost soldering station options?

    If you have such questions or just want to know more about these copied FX-951 stations, I hope this video will help you in your soldering station purchase decision...

    Continue reading "FX-951 Soldering Station Video Review"

    Aug 23, 2021

    Puffed LiPo Battery? Oh-No! Is it still safe & can it be fixed?

    Puffed LiPo questions I get asked include what causes a LiPo to puff, can they still be safely used, and can you vent them? Here are my answers...

    Continue reading "Puffed LiPo Battery? Oh-No! Is it still safe & can it be fixed?"

    Aug 23, 2021

    RC Soldering For Beginners

    RC soldering questions? Let's go over what equipment you'll need to know about, how it works, tips and solid recommendations.

    Continue reading "RC Soldering For Beginners"

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