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    Nov 25, 2022

    RC Helicopter For Kids & Beginners - Making An Informed Purchase

    How To Choose The Best RC Helicopter For Kids & Beginners in 2021

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    Nov 25, 2022

    Toy Helicopters - Which offer the best value & fun?

    With so many toy helicopters on the market in 2022, which are worth your time and money? Here are my top recommendations.

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    Nov 21, 2022

    RC Soldering For Beginners

    RC soldering questions? Let's go over what equipment you'll need to know about, how it works, tips and solid recommendations.

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    Nov 07, 2022

    Understanding Gas RC Helicopters (also known as Petrol)

    Gas RC helicopters are often mistaken for nitro powered ones. They use a heavier 2 stroke gas/petrol engine giving them unique qualities...

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    Nov 07, 2022


    Attention Spektrum NX Transmitter Users:

    On November 3rd we learned of a bug in firmware version v3.07.14 Forward Programing menus that would impact certain user’s advanced settings. As a result, v3.07.17 has been posted as a public beta to address this bug and apply some user requested changes to the RF Warnings Feature by reducing the number of triggers. It is not 100% resolved but should be noticeably improved. Please see the change log for further info.

    If you are using an affected receiver and have made changes to numeric values in Forward Programing after updating to v3.07.14, please discontinue flying until updating to v3.07.17 and validating the Forward Programming values are correct. Users of open stock or unlocked AR631, AR630, AR637T, AR637TA, AR8360T and AR10360T receivers as well as the 6250HX Flybarless Heli Controller are primarily impacted. BNF fixed wing aircraft receivers in the as-shipped configuration are not affected.

    Given the narrow scope of these changes, we are releasing this version as a Public Beta. This means the Spektrum Team has validated the changes and performed critical in-house testing, but it has not been through the lengthier full Beta testing and approval process. When participating in a Public Beta, please understand that there could be potential issues, and we ask before flight you make sure all functions and flight controls are working properly.

    We are confident v3.07.17 resolves the Forward Programing bug and provides improved performance of the simplified RF warnings. To fully improve will require more time. The goal is to fix the Forward Programming bug to keep users flying and reduce the impact of the latest RF warnings feature. If you are on 3.06, we recommend staying, but if you are on 3.07.14 we recommend updating to 3.07.17. Reverting from v3.07.14 to 3.06 is not recommended, do not do this. We will work as fast as possible to have this fixed for everyone.

    The Spektrum Team takes firmware updates very seriously and implements exhaustive steps to ensure a quality release. Thank you all for your feedback, suggestions, and patience as we work to further improve our process and provide a better user experience going forward. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via chat on our social media platforms or through our technical support team at HorizonHobby.com.

    Sincerely,Spektrum RC

    Nov 02, 2022

    RC Helicopter Tools & Tips

    What RC helicopter tools do you need when getting into the hobby? There are must have tools & nice to have tools. Let's look at all of them in detail.

    Continue reading "RC Helicopter Tools & Tips"

    Oct 26, 2022

    Best Flybarless System In 2022 - Is There Such a Thing?

    Looking for the best flybarless system? Let's look at what's out there, pros & cons, features and pricing, to help you narrow your list.

    Continue reading "Best Flybarless System In 2022 - Is There Such a Thing?"

    Oct 08, 2022

    Big Scale RC Helicopter Flight Video

    The Roban EC130 is a big scale RC helicopter (800 size over 6 1/2 feet long) and uses a Fenestron tail rotor. These super scale RC helicopters look & fly great as demonstrated in this video.

    All of Roban's big super scale helicopters have such a strong presence, both on the ground & in the air; true crowd pleasers!

    If you're already a good collective pitch RC helicopter pilot, you rarely crash when you fly scale style and have built and flown smaller scale RC helicopters, a big Roban 800 Super Scale shouldn't be overly intimidating; but man are they fun and such a joy to pilot!

    Continue reading "Big Scale RC Helicopter Flight Video"

    Sep 13, 2022

    OMP Hobby M1 EVO Video Review

    OMP Hobby's OMP M1 EVO is one of the best small (under 150 size) RC helicopters on the market in my opinion. The M1 doesn't cost a fortune, parts are inexpensive, they are built well and prove to be tough little rascals.

    I've had the original OMP M1 for almost two years now and it has simply been fantastic. This latest EVO version builds on that proven direct drive platform with a stiffer carbon fiber frame and metal boom mount for super responsive flying if one chooses.

    The OMP M1 EVO can however be setup for very tame and docile flying just like any good quality collective pitch RC helicopter. In short, it's a great collective pitch trainer, right up to a responsive and predictable 3D performer. If you want to build your collective pitch flying skills in your own back yard, the M1 is one of the best options going.

    The OMP M1 EVO only weighs about 120g so it falls well below the 250g RC weight threshold for registration/restrictions in many countries and no remote ID BS needed for it for all my American friends.

    So, shut down your RC Heli flight simulator, charge up some packs and head outside to get some fresh air and fun with OMP's M1 EVO.

    Continue reading "OMP Hobby M1 EVO Video Review"

    Sep 08, 2022

    Best LiPo Battery Brands - Price, Performance, Lifespan.

    You're looking for the best LiPo RC battery brand for the dollar but there is so much hype and BS! Here are my top pics based on actual long term usage.

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