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    May 07, 2021

    Model Turbine Safety

    RC turbine helicopters are potentially the most dangerous of all RC vehicles. Don't get burned by not understanding basic model turbine safety pratices.

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    May 01, 2021

    Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter Review Video

    Video review of the Fluke 101 for beginners or RC hobbyists looking for their first proper digital multimeter, or for those looking for a compact quality DMM to take out to the flying field.

    The Fluke 101 is very small and will easily fit in your hand & shirt pocket, yet it offers all of the robustness, safety, and quality we have come to expect in a Fluke multimeter with a CAT III rating no less. Don' t let its small size & low price tag fool you! These are impressive little digital multimeters that you can take anywhere.

    The Fluke 101 DMM is Fluke's entry level, lowest cost digital multimeter that offers the most used measurements including AC & DC voltage, Ohms, Continuity, Diode, Capacitance, Frequency & Duty Cycle.

    The Fluke 101 however doesn't have Current measurement. If you are needing current measuring capability as well, you may want to look at the Fluke 106 or Fluke 107. None of these entry level Fluke 100 series have true RMS, but are still great little digital multimeters for beginners, hobbyists, RCers, DIYers, home owners, builders, tinkerers, basic automotive & shop use.

    If you're tired of wasting your time & money on over priced big box store DMM's that don't last, give inaccurate & inconsistent readings and are unsafe; yet you have always wanted a Fluke quality meter, but didn't want to spend too much... Take a look at the Fluke 101.

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    Apr 29, 2021

    Best Flybarless System - Is There Such A Thing?

    Looking for the best flybarless system? Let's look at what's out there, pros & cons, features and pricing, to help you narrow your list.

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    Apr 28, 2021

    Best LiPo Battery Brands - Price, Performance, Lifespan.

    You're looking for the best LiPo RC battery brand for the dollar but there is so much hype and BS! Here are my top pics based on actual long term usage.

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    Apr 28, 2021

    RC Helicopters Immerse You in the Moment. Lets Get Flying!

    Thinking of taking up the exciting hobby of RC helicopters? From toy to turbine, here's your first stop for detailed help, tips, and much more.

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    Apr 26, 2021

    RC Helicopter Tools & Tips

    What RC helicopter tools do you need when getting into the hobby? There are must have tools & nice to have tools. Let's look at all of them in detail.

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    Apr 22, 2021

    Best RC Helicopter: What To Look For & Consider When Choosing.

    From beginner to advanced models, let's look at what makes the best RC helicopter for your skill level, budget, and long term expectations.

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    Apr 19, 2021

    Used RC Equipment For Sale

    Are you looking for used RC equipment or used RC Helicopters? I sometimes have used RC gear to sell and when I do, I list it on this page.

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    Apr 09, 2021

    Uni-T UT373 Mini Tachometer Video Review

    The UT373 UNI-T digital tachometer is Uni-Trend's budget small size non contact laser tachometer that offers good accuracy, useful features & ease of use.

    It works great on smaller RC helicopters where you can safely tach the main or tail rotors. Checking RPM on airplane or quad copter propellers is easily done as well, and with an RPM range up to 99,999, about the only thing out of the UT373's useful RC RPM checking range is model turbine engines.

    If you're in the market for a small hand held non contact digital tachometer, or are considering the UNI-T UT373 tach, I hope my little review here can help you decide if the 373 has the features, usability and performance you are looking for in a hand held tachometer.

    Accuracy is very good, build quality is decent, it's easy to use and the UT373 uses inexpensive and easy to source AAA batteries. The backlit LCD display is easy to see and read in both low light on the workbench and bright sunshine out at the flying field.

    The UT373's non contact RPM light sensor can be used with either the built in laser or an external light source making it very adaptable in multiple applications. It even has a counter feature which adds more versatility over and above that of an RPM meter.

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    Mar 17, 2021

    LiPo Batteries: Essential Tips for Maximum Life & Fun

    Lithium Polymer (commonly called LiPo Batteries) require special care to safely get the most out of them. Here's all you'll need to know...

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