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    Jul 24, 2021

    iCharger S6 Battery Charger Video Review

    Is the iCharger S6 the best RC battery charger for the money? If loads of charging power in a small package with the quality & features iCharger is known for, along with a very low cost to power ratio are your measuring criteria - the answer is a definite YES!

    The small palm sized S6 as the name suggests, can charge up to 6S LiPo packs. The S6 boasts an amazing power handling ability up to 1100 Watts, and a maximum charging current of 40 Amps. All the major rechargeable battery chemistries are supported including a couple less used ones (LTO & NiZn).

    In my review of the iCharger S6, we'll go over the basic layout, powering requirements, connectivity, features & menus; finishing off with a maximum charge cycle to see if the S6 can really charge 6S at the claimed 40 Amps... Spoiler alert - yes it can.

    Continue reading "iCharger S6 Battery Charger Video Review"

    Jul 21, 2021

    RC Servos: The Muscles of Our Hobby. How They Work, What to Get.

    Let's dive deep into the wonderful world of RC Servos. From digital to analog, brushed to brushless. Sizes, ratings, frequency, & more.

    Continue reading "RC Servos: The Muscles of Our Hobby. How They Work, What to Get."

    Jul 21, 2021

    RC Helicopters - Everything you need to know to get started.

    Thinking of taking up the exciting & fun hobby of RC helicopters? From toy to turbine, RC Helicopter Fun is your 1st stop for tips, help & more.

    Continue reading "RC Helicopters - Everything you need to know to get started."

    Jul 17, 2021

    OpenTX Internal Radio CCPM Setup Video

    Here's my OpenTX CCPM helicopter setup template which I use on all my RC helicopters that require internal radio cyclic collective pitch mixing.

    This includes all electronically mixed (eCCPM) flybared helicopters and flybarless helicopters that use flybarless systems that don't have internal eCCPM mixing such as the Align 3G & 3GX systems.

    This internal CCPM template is built entirely on the original external CCPM template from the Part 1 OpenTX for RC helicopters video; so you must first have that template built in your OpenTX radio before doing these internal CCPM setup modifications.

    Continue reading "OpenTX Internal Radio CCPM Setup Video"

    Jul 16, 2021

    What exactly is CCPM on RC Helicopters

    CCPM stands for Cyclic - Collective - Pitch - Mixing. Let's find out how it works and why it's at the heart of RC heli control.

    Continue reading "What exactly is CCPM on RC Helicopters"

    Jul 13, 2021

    FunKey Fuselages Review - Outstanding Quality

    Funkey fuselages are some of the best quality fiberglass RC helicopter fuselages available. Here's my full review.

    Continue reading "FunKey Fuselages Review - Outstanding Quality"

    Jul 11, 2021

    OpenTX Helicopter Setup Video

    OpenTX Helicopter Setup tutorial using OpenTX University's collective pitch RC helicopter template. This is the BASE FOUNDATION TEMPLATE I use for ALL my RC helicopters regardless of size, stabilization type, or power type (electric, nitro & turbine).

    The whole idea of this template, is to give your OpenTX radio / transmitter, all the familiar helicopter specific functions that traditional computerized radios with helicopter programming have given us for years.

    Once you have this base OpenTX CP Helicopter template saved in your OpenTX radio, you'll then simply copy/duplicate it for every RC helicopter model you add to your radio thereafter; and then fine tune the values in the template for each individual helicopter, to set it up properly - both mechanically, and for your specific flying style and skill level.

    Having this OpenTX CP helicopter template not only saves massive amounts of time, it keeps all your collective pitch RC helicopter setups standardized and consistent. Every heli you fly will have the same switch layouts and functions. Exactly like any traditional computerized RC radio with heli programming built-in.

    Continue reading "OpenTX Helicopter Setup Video"

    Jul 02, 2021

    Eachine TX16S RC Radio Video Review

    Why would you choose an Eachine TX16S RC radio/transmitter over the RadioMaster TX16S Hall version? That's a good question! Let's find out...

    The Eachine TX16S is actually built for Eachine by RadioMaster so it's not a copy or clone. It's just rebadged with the Eachine name & has an Eachine OpenTX bootup logo. The main board and full function multi-protocol module are 100% RadioMaster as is the functionality.

    Looking closer however, the Eachine TX16S has some interesting little differences which some people may appreciate and like better than the RadioMaster...

    Continue reading "Eachine TX16S RC Radio Video Review"

    Jun 23, 2021

    RC Battery Chargers - What You'll Need To Know

    So you've decided getting one of the better RC battery chargers is overdue to keep your LiPo both happy and safe. Don't know much about them? Let's clear it up.

    Continue reading "RC Battery Chargers - What You'll Need To Know"

    Jun 22, 2021

    Electric Helicopters Will Give You A Charge

    Electric Helicopters are the leading RC heli choice these days. Let's find out why with a few recommendations.

    Continue reading "Electric Helicopters Will Give You A Charge"

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