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    Micro Airwolf Update Video - No More Deadband

    I've had Esky's Micro RC Airwolf / Bell 222 scale RC helicopter for just over two years and it's been a great little fixed pitch scale heli. It's not perfect however due to limitations of the inexpensive Esky radio/transmitter it comes with. It's fixin' time!

    If you have an OpenTX radio with multi-protocol module, you can make the little Esky F150 V2 Bell 222 Airwolf (or any RTF micro heli) truly yours by pairing it to a proper computerized radio and programming out the horrible built in deadband.

    It's easy, and this fix can be used with any micro RC helicopter that has lots of deadband around center stick - many of them do.

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    KSGER T12 Solder Station Modifications Video

    If you already have a KSGER T12 soldering station, you already know how amazing these small form factor soldering tools are. If you don't have one yet, they offer superior direct drive tip technology performance, temperature accuracy & efficiency while being affordable & durable.

    T12 soldering stations are perfectly suited for for RC & electronic hobbyist's, DIY'ers & electronic student's workbenches. They are not perfect however.

    There are two main safety issues with the KSGER T12 with the V2.04 power supply in my opinion that are worthwhile addressing with an easy mod or two.

    Do you have to do these modifications to your Ksger T12 soldering station? Of course not. But if you want to improve the safety of your T12 station and you're not sure where to start or what's involved, this video will how you how to do these simple safety mods.

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    RadioMaster TX16S MAX Review Video

    The RadioMaster TX16S Max version / edition (also known as the Pro) is Radiomaster's current flag ship model. Here's my full review of this amazing OpenTX radio showing the differences between it and the better value TX16S Hall Version.

    Is the Max version worth the extra money over the Hall? I hope this video will help you decide.

    Over the past 6 months, I've really come to love the RadioMaster TX16S Hall version RC transmitter, more than I ever thought I would.

    The TX16S has become the radio I use to fly all my smaller models, and it's even seeing time with my bigger birds as I gain more and more confidence in its RF robustness. The MAX version will no doubt become another favorite.

    Out of all the OpenTX computerized radios currently on the market, I consider the Radiomaster TX16S in all its Hall versions (base hall, color & max) as the best values going taking quality, features, feel & operation into account. I know many other RC pilots that have similar thoughts.

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    Best LiPo Battery Brands - Price, Performance, Lifespan.

    You're looking for the best LiPo RC battery brand for the dollar but there is so much hype and BS! Here are my top pics based on actual long term usage.

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    Build an OMP M1 or Trex 150X Parallel Charge Harness Video

    A how to video showing my two methods for building a JST 2s parallel charge wire for any 2S LiPo battery that has a single JST XH balance plug such as OMPHobby M1 or T-Rex 150X batteries.

    The first 2S JST parallel charge harness build example I show is very quick, easy, and inexpensive if you already have a JST XH para-board. No modification to the para-board is required; just a simple charge harness has to be built to plug into it & your charger.

    The second 2S JST parallel charge wire build is a JST 2S combination charge & balance harness that is capable of charging & balancing up to six 2S LiPo's. This build is a little more involved because there are more items to solder, but it's still easy to put together for the average RC hobbyist with basic soldering skills.

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    KSGER T12 V3.1S Solder Station Video Review

    The KSGER T12 3.1S version is their newest direct drive/cartridge solder tip technology soldering station; and makes a great powerful, yet small form factor, first proper soldering station for the RC hobbyist.

    In this video review, we'll see what is different from their 2.1S version, along with menu setup, operation, and looking inside at the "guts" of both the station & iron handle.

    Once you solder with direct drive technology solder tips, they quickly spoil a person. Heat up time, temperature accuracy and thermal efficiency - all improved over older technology slide on solder tips.

    For around $65 USD, these little KSGER T12 soldering stations are hard to beat in terms of bang for the buck value & performance.

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    KSGER T12 Soldering Station Review

    Affordable direct drive tip soldering is here! Let's look at one of the better low cost T12 soldering stations - the KSGER.

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    RC Battery Chargers - What You'll Need To Know

    So you've decided getting one of the better RC battery chargers is overdue to keep your LiPo both happy and safe. Don't know much about them? Let's clear it up.

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    OMP Telemetry Now Supported (how to video)

    OMP Telemetry is now supported with the latest version of multi-module firmware for your OpenTX radio & multi protocol module.

    This is just a short little video showing you how to get it working along with a simple set up example.

    This works on OMP M2's (V1, V2, EXP) and the M1 through the built in OMP protocol receiver. Likely a couple of their planes as well that use the OMP protocol receiver.

    You don't need any extra components or sensors and it's totally free. Only requirement is you need an OpenTX radio with a multi module running multi protocol firmware version or higher.

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    OMP Hobby M1 RC Helicopter Review Video

    The OMP Hobby M1 is a 130 size micro 3D RC helicopter that has predictable & fluid flight characteristics that will not disappoint!

    Regardless of your flying style, from tame to insane, this little micro collective pitch RC helicopter will do it all well. The M1 is one of the smoothest flying 130 size RC helicopters I've ever flown.

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