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If I'm not out flying, chances are I'm working on this site or answering emails.

I love hearing from my visitors and helping them.  

Having said that, I often receive more emails in a day than I can handle.

Please feel free to have a look over the guidelines below to understand what questions I will try my best to answer, and ones I may not be able to.

The contact form is 2/3rds down the page.

Technical Questions

I get many daily and I do my very best to answer every one. I ask that you keep technical questions focused & concise for efficiency.

I first respond to my loyal eBook customer's questions. My customers always take top priority. I then respond to questions I know are not covered on any of the pages on my website (assuming I know the answer of course). If a question is covered on one of the pages, or in one of the eBooks, I will generally send you a quick link to that page or eBook, usually along with some other helpful ideas - at least I hope they help :-)

For me to give an accurate answer on a technical question, I need adequate information. "My heli won't fly anymore" or "spins around" unfortunately doesn't give me any useful info to help diagnose the problem. I need specifics including brand & model. On top of that, trying to diagnose problems remotely is sometimes impossible; but there are lots of common issues so as long as I have a sufficient understanding of the problem, I will try my best to help.

Site Feedback

Site feedback is always welcome so if you feel there is a topic I wrote about that needs a correction, I'm all ears. Peer review is after all a great fact checking tool (one that is not used enough these days unfortunately). Likewise, if I have missed covering an important topic, please let me know. That said, I don't pretend for a second to know it all and there are some subjects I simply don't know enough about to be an authoritative source to write about. I try to keep most of the information on this site fairly basic and easy to understand for beginners new to the hobby.

I definitely like to know if there are any technical issues with my site such links not working correctly, etc. so I can fix them promptly.

RC Helicopter & Product Recommendations

Seeing that I haven't flown every RC heli out there or used every product, it's impossible for me to make objective recommendations on specific models/components or what would be the best one for you. Moreover, I don't know your budget, your flying area/environment, your skill level, what brand/s is/are carried at your local hobby shop, if you're getting one on one help from an instructor, or how deeply you want to dive in and get your feet wet.

I cover all that on my Best RC Helicopter Page and as that page points out, there is no one best heli for everyone but I do give several examples of birds that I would consider for various types of skill sets, flying styles, and why I recommend them.

Naturally, if it's a helicopter or product I'm quite familiar with or own myself, I will of course give you my friendly 2-cents worth ;-)

Non RC Related Questions & Solicitations

As this is an RC helicopter site, I don't respond to non RC related topics such as I often get from people who are working on projects and want to know what off the shelf RC components might work for their design application. I'm not a design engineer! Technical questions related to hobby grade RC helicopters I'm happy to answer, but if it's off topic whatsoever, don't expect a reply. It would not be fair to others who have legitimate RC helicopter questions.  

I usually don't respond to solicitations, especially if they are not RC helicopter related; so if you're shilling snake oil, services, guest blog posts or have the latest SEO scheme that promises to rank my site higher in the search engines (which it already does to the point I can't keep up), save your time and don't even bother.  

Can I Call / Message You For Help?

Short Answer... "Nope". Why?

I get thousands of visitors a day to my site and thousands more per day on my YouTube channel. Imagine the implications if I started a phone / instant messaging tech help service. If I offer it to one, then I have to offer it to all which is simply not possible. That's what the hobby shops or technical helplines from the manufacturers are there for, not me. 

Emails are simply a time efficient and flexible method of communication. I'm upfront and available using this contact medium. I'm an RC helicopter enthusiast and want to help other enthusiasts if & when I can; but I can't man a phone or offer instant messaging 24/7. I don't have the time or resources for it.

Contact Me

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please Note:

After you submit this email contact form, you will be sent an autoresponder confirmation email to confirm your contact form was sent to me and allows you to make any corrections to your original submission if need be.

Do not respond to this auto reply email unless you need to make a correction to your form submission.

If you don't get this confirmation email, you likely miss-typed your email address or you have filtering/whitelisting turned on that sent the confirmation to your email's junk or delete folder.

I'll do my best to respond to you within 24 hours. At really busy times of the year on my site such as Fathers Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas, it may take longer. I also usually take weekends off for flying time if I'm lucky, but the "honey-do list" takes priority.

Lastly, if you don't get a response, please don't take it personally. It simply means I didn't have the time due to a heavy question day/s, you gave me an incorrect email address (that happens a lot), or perhaps the question was simply beyond my scope of knowledge & experience.

I respect your privacy and will never share your email address with anyone else.

"Wishing you successful fun flying,"

John Salt ;-)

Are You Looking For RC Helicopter Help?  

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