Best LiPo RC Battery Brands For The Price

Glacier LiPo's From Buddy RC Top My Best LiPo Battery ListGlacier LiPo's From Buddy RC Top My Best RC LiPo Battery List

I know, stating "Best LiPo RC Battery Brand", is on the same level as telling you what beer is best; it's totally personal preference, and everyone has their own opinion.

In this hobby, there are lots of opinions!

I'm also not a hot shot 3D, F3C, or speed sponsored pilot with unlimited resources.

Like most average folks in the hobby, I have to budget my pennies and stretch my dollars.

In short, my top pics are based on best for the price.

On top of all that, due to new safety shipping regulations, it's almost impossible to order LiPo packs from outside your own country; meaning we are all pretty much stuck to what's available locally.

At any rate, people often ask me what the best LiPo brand is and what RC LiPo batteries I personally use & recommend. So without further ado, here are my brands of choice that I currently fly with, and are immensely happy with.

Best LiPo Pick #1

My number one LiPo battery pick right now has to be Buddy RC's Glacier LiPo's.

I have been so impressed with these LiPo's over the past several years since Dale started carrying them. The other nice thing is they all come with the AB clip connectors on the JST-XH balance plugs adding yet more value.

I personally feel the Glaciers are just as good as Gens Ace & Pulse Ultra (my 3rd picks) at pretty much the same low cost as Turnigy NanoTechs'.

Best LiPo Pick #2

2nd on my recommended LiPo list as I mentioned is HobbyKing's Turnigy and Zippy LiPo batteries.

I first stared using Turnigy LiPo's about 7 years ago while getting into larger electric helicopters (600 size and larger).

Before finding Turnigy, I was dishing out about $250 beans for a single 6S 5000 mAh battery pack (FlightPower & ThunderPower was what I was using way back then).

Turnigy is what finally (pardon the pun) "turned" things around and finally made large electric flight affordable for me. That same size, capacity, and C rated Turnigy pack was only $60.00 bucks; so less than 1/4 the price of what I was using.

More and more brands are now getting competitive with Turnigy and Zippy. As I mentioned several years back, even if you hate dealing with HobbyKing, it was their Turnigy, and Zippy LiPo batteries that drove, and continue to drive LiPo pricing down across the board.

If price is the ultimate deciding factor, Turnigy LiPo's are hard (perhaps even impossible), to beat for the sheer value and decent performance! I do like them better than Zippy, but that is only based on my experiences with both.

Turnigy LiPo Battery Deals on eBay

Best LiPo Pick's #3 & #4 Tie

My 3rd & 4th best LiPo picks go to both Gens Ace, and Pulse Ultra. I have several of both and they are top notch performing LiPo's right up there with Glaciers'.

They are generally around double the price of an equivalent Turnigy and about 25% more than a Turnigy NanoTech or Glacier, but they are still much less than most other "big name" packs.

The "boys" at RotorQuest here in Canada turned me onto Gens Ace & Pulse Ultra and they are impressive and very good quality LiPo packs for a decent price!

Living in Canada, they are pretty much our only affordable decent LiPo options right now as it's getting harder and harder to order LiPo packs from outside our country.

Another added bonus is shipping is free from RotorQuest as long as your order is over $100 (pretty easy with a couple larger LiPo packs). In other words, when you take shipping into account (which always was expensive from Hobby King), Gens & Pulse are actually not that much more costly :-)

Gens Ace LiPo Deals on eBay

Pulse Ultra LiPo Deals On eBay

Best LiPo Conclusion

So, to sum this entire page up, here are my three LiPo brand purchasing tips.

  • If you live in the United States; I strongly feel you can't go wrong with the great value, performance, and after-sales support you will get with Glacier's from Buddy RC.

  • For those of us in Canada; Gens Ace & Pulse Ultra's from RotorQuest give the very best quality for the price, again with great after-sales support.
  • For those world wide that might have a Hobby King warehouse in their respective countries; Turnigy & Zippy remain to be the least expensive quality LiPo packs. The cost savings however comes at a price - next to no after-sales support should you need it.

Most of these brands (as you have likely seen above), are also offered on eBay and Amazon; so don't rule those sources out as there are often good bargains to be found.

I still very much maintain supporting your LHS or at least your regional LiPo supplier is always the best way to go (sometimes the only way to go due to LiPo shipping regulations).

However, big name RC LiPo batteries in my opinion were, and many still are, way overpriced & over hyped. Especially now knowing that pretty much every RC LiPo pack under the sun, no matter what name tag is stuck on it, comes out of China from perhaps only a handful of LiPo manufacturing facilities. I have even read that up to 75% of every RC LiPo battery on the market comes from a single facility! 

Many of the cheap and lower quality brands out there (none of which are listed on this page mind you), simply use cells that have failed to meet the higher specifications standards set by higher-end brands. These "hi-end rejects" are then sold for less to the lower quality brands that have more lenient specs. 

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