Chances are if you are interested in RC helicopters, you are probably interested in all RC hobbies and aviation in general.

Over time I have stumbled across some great sites related to both RC hobbies and aviation, I decided to create a link page to share these finds with you.


Is in my opinion, Canada's best RC Helicopter specific hobby shop. They carry all the better major brands and are one of Canada's only SAB Goblin dealers. Their staff are very knowledgeable, have very competitive pricing, great selection, and offer free shipping within Canada on most orders over $100.00.

Bergen RC

I'm a fan of Bergen RC and what Chris Bergen and his dedicate team do for our hobby. They manufacture some of the best quality turbine RC helicopters on the market - both for the RC helicopter enthusiast and heavy lift industrial AP (aerial photography) applications.

Vario Helicopter
If you like large scale RC helicopters, there is no better source for fuselages, mechanics, engines, custom turbine exhaust systems, and scale accessories than Eastern Helicopters (Canada's Vario Helicopter distributor).

SmackTalk RC
When you are ready to learn 3D aerobatic flying, this is the site for you! Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts (two of the best 3D pilots in the world) have put this site together and have made available downloadable instructional videos that will take you from sport pilot to 3D "smacker" - one of my personal favorite RC heli sites!


Hooked on RC Airplanes!
Flying RC airplanes is more than a hobby, its a passion! Try it once and you're hooked for life! Explore the endless possibilities of radio controlled flight.

RC Airplane World
Your complete Guide to getting started in radio control flying!

RC Airplanes Simplified
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional in the world of RC airplanes, this site is what you are looking for!


Hobby Alley
Wayne and the gang at Hobby Alley located in Edmonton Alberta is my other on-line hobby shop of choice here in Canada. Great service, prices, selection, and they accept PayPal as well as other major credit cards. If you are a Canadian customer, definitely check them out, I truly have been "wowed" by their service & on-line shopping experiences.

Buddy RC
Buddy RC is a great source for computerized RC Battery Chargers, power supplies, charge harnesses, and electric powered RC accessories. This is my personal go to source for all my charging equipment - highly recommended!

This is one of my all time favorite RC websites for great electronic projects. If you want to learn about or build almost any type of electronic part or device for your RC model - this site is one of the best on the internet! So much great information...

Wren Turbines LTD.
World Leaders In Miniature Turbine Technology.

                           RC FORUMS

HeliFreak's Fourm is one of the best RC heli specific forums on the internet. Beginner to advanced topics are discussed with international support forums for Worldwide R/C Helicopters pilots in their own language.

RCGroups.com is an extensive forum covering all areas of radio controlled modeling. With extensive fixed wing and heli info as well as many boat and car topics, this forum has something for everyone.


Sky Rangers Model Flyers Club
Is located in the pretty setting of Kamloops, BC, Canada. Our club's focus is to maximize the fun in R/C model flying and to maintain a high level of good fellowship between club members. A dedicated group of flyers formed our club in 1987 and obtained our charter in April of 1990. Club MAAC ID: #383. Weather permitting we can fly year round.

Calgary RC Heli Club
A community of like-minded individuals of all ages who enjoy flying RC helicopters in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

                 AVIATION & HOBBY SITES

Airplane & Helicopter Games
This a very fun site that has lots of free online airplane and helicopter games.

World War 2 Aircraft
Discover the most famous aircraft of World War 2 at world-war-2-planes.com, an information site featuring pictures, descriptions and videos.

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