Choosing The Best RC Helicopter For Kids & Beginners

by John Salt - Updated December 2021

"What's the best RC helicopter for kids or beginners" is a common question I frequently get asked; especially around Christmas time since RC helicopters are very popular gifts for kids and adults alike.

I'm going to give you some kid / beginner recommendations along with the reasons why I feel these are good helicopters for both children & first time newbies getting into the hobby.

Toy vs. Hobby Grade - What?

First off, you may want to take a peek at my Toy RC Helicopter page since it talks about toy helicopters which is a good place to start most children off with - especially younger children (under 8 years of age). 

That said, there are limitations to toy type RC helicopters and for not much more money (sometimes even less), you can actually get your youngster/s a better quality hobby grade RC helicopter that they will not only have more overall fun with; but it will also last longer.


Unlike toy/mall kiosk/big box store RC helicopters; hobby grade RC helicopters are almost always better in quality and fly much better. The very best feature they have going for them is you can easily get replacement parts for them when something breaks or wears out.

This is something that you usually can't do with a toy heli. Once a toy heli breaks (and they all will break eventually), chances are it's headed for the landfill and I've seen first hand how upset a child gets when this happens.

No question, they will still get upset when they break a part on their hobby grade helicopter, but at least you can explain to them, "we'll get it fixed and it will be good as new". To me, that is worth a few extra bucks over throwing money down the drain on a disposable toy.

Back To Black Flights = More Flying Fun

Extra LiPo Batteries Allow Back to Back FlightsExtra LiPo Batteries Allow Back to Back Flights

Hobby grade RC helicopter for kids & beginners also allow you to purchase extra LiPo flight batteries for back to back flights.

Most toy grade helicopters on the other hand only have a single built in LiPo battery that you can't easily change. This means you'll have to wait 1 to 2 hours after each 5-7 minute flight to recharge them.

This is the single biggest complaint you see on most toy heli reviews; the short flight times and the long re-charge times in-between.

I'm sorry folks, but 4 to 8 minutes is the norm for most electric RC helicopters - toy and hobby grade alike!

Current LiPo battery technology is just not capable of cramming more capacity into a light weight rechargeable package. Small capacity LiPo's also can't be "fast charged" so forget about a less than 1 hour recharge time. At a 1C charge rate (the maximum recommended for small LiPo battery packs), it takes at least an hour to recharge them.

Thing is, at least hobby grade heli's allow easy battery replacement for back to back flights; so although flight times won't be longer, you won't have to wait for an hour + to go flying again; just pop another charged battery into your bird. 

There is a real reason however why toy helicopters have only built in LiPo flight batteries and that is to prevent a possible choking hazard that a small replaceable part could cause. Toy's are for children after all, so no question that safety aspect has to be taken into account in your decision when deciding between a toy and a hobby grade RC helicopter. 

Help When You Need It

The other big benefit with a hobby grade RC helicopter for kids & beginners is you can get knowledgeable help from the hobby shop or the manufacturer should you need it for problem's, repairs, or even recommendations.

You rarely if ever get service like that with the toy/mall/box store stuff.

In fact, it's rare the person selling them at such places even knows the difference between a coaxial helicopter or multi rotor never mind how they actually work and which one is the best match for your particular child or beginner RC helicopter pilot. 

In short, before making that impulsive toy/mall kiosk/box store RC helicopter for kids purchase, do a little research or pay a visit to your local or on-line hobby shop to see what they have for not all that much more money.

No longer are all hobby grade RC helicopters super expensive, hard to fly, and meant for seasoned RC enthusiasts only.

You can get easy to fly quality hobby grade RC helicopters & quad copters now for under $100 dollars. In fact, some are under $50 so they are not much more expensive than much of the toy stuff at all, yet offer better value & fun. 

How Much Will A Hobby Grade Helicopter For Kids & Beginners Cost?

I'm trying to adhere to an under one hundred dollar budget since most people who contact me with this best RC helicopter for kids or beginners question want to keep the price under $100 bucks or less.

Regardless of cost, the one thing to be aware of is although you may be purchasing this RC helicopter for your or someone else's child, chances are you or other adults are also going to be having fun with it too. 

RC Helicopter For Kids & Beginners Recommendations

As you have likely guessed, all the RC Helicopter for kids recommendations I'm going to be giving you are for economical hobby grade helis. Again, if you want to go the toy helicopter route, check out my toy helicopter page for more info on them.

The ones I'm recommending are sold at most good hobby shops so it should be easy to find them and to then get parts for them when required. To be kid & beginner friendly, all these RC helicopters & quadcopters are ready to fly out of the box (no building required), robust, and naturally fairly easy to fly.

Small Beginner Quad Copter Fits In Palm Of HandSmall Beginner Quadcopter Fits In Palm Of Hand

The majority of my recommendations are also very small in size and will fit in the palm of your hand.

Why so small?

Small micro sizes are good in that they have very little mass, and less mass = less energy dissipated when they crash or hit something.

In other words the smaller and lighter they are, the less likely they are to break a part/s when they crash.

This makes them not only more crash resistant, but also less dangerous to the child and less damaging to items in your home as it's pretty much inevitable that your young student pilot will have a few less then perfect first flights.

That said, all these little RC helicopters for kids & beginners are still flying aircraft with spinning propellers or rotors on them. The micro size ones don't have enough power/energy to cut through skin, but they can sting when the blades contact bare skin and they are certainly capable of damaging soft eye tissue.

Don't fly them around pets either for that very reason! 

Using common sense and caution go a long way.

Most of these kid friendly hobby grade RC helicopters are recommend for ages 12 and up, but depending on the child and the level of help offered by an adult at first, that age limit is of course a recommendation only. I know a few eight & nine year-olds who can fly any of these kid friendly helicopters & quadcopters better than their parents can, so it all depends on the natural ability of the child.

Hobby Grade Single Rotor Fixed Pitch Helicopter For Kids & Beginners

Heli 101 - My Top Pick in 2021 - $80USD

Heli 101 - The Best Beginner RC Helicopter

The Heli 101 Ready To Fly package is currently my top pick when it comes to the best hobby grade fixed pitch RC helicopter for kids & beginners.

This little heli is so easy and so fun to fly, plus it's well built and tough! It comes in two bright colors (florescent yellow or pink), making it easy to see while flying it, which is so important with small little RC helicopters like this. 

With the push button take off & land feature, pretty much anyone with no prior RC heli experience can pick this neat little heli up and be hovering it in no time. 

The 101 is very popular as well and is carried at many hobby shops around the world making it easy to get replacement & maintenance parts. 

The video below shows TJ and his kids having fun with it. This is what introducing youngsters to our hobby is all about - thumbs up TJ!

Esky 150 V2 $70.00 USD 

The Esky 150 V2 is a very fun fixed pitch single rotor micro RC helicopter, perfectly suited to the beginner heli pilot. It's a little bit more challenging than the Heli 101, but not too much harder.

It's a great choice for those that are seriously thinking of getting into the hobby, yet don't want to spend much at first. The value of around $70 USD is quite outstanding considering helicopters like this used to cost well over $160.00 just few years ago. 

The fixed-pitch flybarless design offers unmatched stability. The low part count makes repairs quick and simple. Plus, all the electronics are contained by an extremely durable composite plastic frame, making bumps and crashes stress-free. 

You'll find this helicopter marketed under two different name bands (Blade & Esky). Esky is the actual manufacturer.

Here's my full website review on it along with my video review below.

Hobby Grade Quad-Rotor (quadcopters) For Kids & Beginners

Next up are the quad-rotors - also easy & fun to fly RC right now. Quadcopters/quadrotors (quads or drones for short) are perfect RC helicopters for kids (big & small alike).

They are more performance minded over the toy type micro coaxial helicopters and most are more challenging so they may not be the best option for younger children unless they already have some RC heli experience with a toy grade coaxial heli. 

Also, unlike a traditional helicopter shape, many quads are very "symmetrical" looking front to back & side to side which can be problematic for some. When they are so small with all orientations looking so similar, it can be difficult knowing which way they are facing when flown further away which can make control difficult.

Some come with different colored bight LED's on the corners to help with orientation so you know which way they are facing, but a little colored tape on the front, back, or sides can help with directional orientation too.

All offer 4 channels of flight control (lift, pitch, roll, & yaw). Most also have selectable flight modes for easier flight while first learning and then select the more aggressive flight mode for aerobatics.

Micro quadrotors can however handle small amounts of wind outdoors much better than micro coaxials (they can't handle any wind) so if outdoor flight is an important consideration, a quad will be the better all round choice. 

Most quadcopters are also very crash proof as there are very few moving parts on them which also makes them easier to fix when something does break. Usually just one or two of the very inexpensive propellers get damaged. Pop the busted one off, and slide a new one one - done! 

Hubsan X4 H107L - Low Cost Hobby Grade Micro Sized Quadcopter $30.00 USD

The Hubsan X4 H107 is a very popular beginner micro sized quadcopter that is carried at most RC hobby shops and other RC outlets.  

They are tough little things with a hard plastic case that can take an impressive amount of abuse.

As they are a true hobby grade quad, you can easily get inexpensive replacement parts for them, additional accessories, and of course, you can get extra battery packs & multi port charging stations as shown below. 

The Hubsan H107's, being so popular, means there are also lots of videos and help tutorials out there for them.

I've had an H107 for several years and it's still going strong. I've replaced a few propellers and that's it for repairs - simply amazing!

ATOYX / Holly Stone - Great Looking Ducted Fan Quad & Extra Battery $50.00 USD 

The Holly Stone / ATOYX Mini quadcopter is one of nicest looking little micro quads currently on the market in my opinion. 

The ATOYX / Holly Stone also uses a ducted fan propeller design which has three advantages over exposed propellers. 

1. Ducted fans are slightly more efficient (more thrust for power used) but this is offset by the slight weight increase. However, the ducted design runs a little quieter given the same size propeller/speed.  

2. Ducted fans protect the propellers well so broken props are much less likely during a crash. 

3. Perhaps most important for younger fliers, ducted fans are safer!

The ATOYX / Holly Stone has auto hover mode, flip mode, and headless mode (automatically switches movement orientation for control consistency). 

They also come with 2 LiPo batteries for up to 2 back to back flights, and given the price of around $50 USD, the value is excellent! 

As you can see, a true hobby grade RC helicopter or quadrotor for kids or beginners doesn't have to cost much more than the toy type. They give you more helicopter & quad value in most cases, way better control, overall better quality, the ability to fix them when something breaks, and with extra battery packs - way more back to back flying fun! 

Toy Helipad Adds Fun, Skill, & Interest

No matter what small micro beginner heli or quad you end up getting, these little 8.5"  Helipad's really add to the overall fun & enjoyment while building landing skills at the same time.

I've always dismissed these things as a total waste of money, but a buddy of mine got one for his son. After seeing how good he was getting landing his little micro RC heli on it with a big grin on his face, I quickly realized what a great little accessory it was.

It was pretty entertaining watching him, and I now realize these little landing pads do have merit by adding more engagement. 

They also come with an assortment of sticker sets allowing one to customize the pad to their liking. My buddy's son also uses his little Helipad as a display platform for his RC helicopter.

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