I don’t even want to give the topic of free RC helicopter simulator programs any time, never mind devote an entire web page to them.

Why would I say such a thing? Easy – the plane and helicopter simulations are so easy, they give people a false sense of confidence only to come back from the flying field with a helicopter or airplane in many small pieces.

Yes there are a number of free RC flight simulators that you can down-load. They are actually entertaining and are not too bad at simulating RC airplane flight.

RC helicopters are a completely different story. The ones I tried are so far from what a RC heli flies like, I don’t know why they even put a helicopter on the menu.

The planes are easier to fly than real RC airplanes and the helicopters are ridiculously easy to fly. How easy? Well let's just say it is harder flying a micro coaxial RC helicopter than the helis in these free simulators... they are that bad. Specifically the flight feels "locked in" no variation, no changing dynamics, no true feel - and no way to learn.

These free RC simulators of course don’t come with a quality USB adapted radio so you have to use a joy stick or key board... remember what I said about that – bad.

Bottom line, free rc helicopter flight simulators make somewhat entertaining video games, but they won't help you much when it comes to actually teaching you how to fly a real RC helicopter.

You get what you pay for and good quality simulators, especially older versions that are still very good, are coming down in price all the time. If you want to find more information on good quality

RC helicopter flight simulators - please click on that link.