Used RC Equipment For Sale

I sometimes need to have a "garage sale" and list my used RC equipment for sale on this page when it becomes available.

The reasons I need to sell my used RC stuff are for the same reasons most of us do... I'm either upgrading, I run out of room and need to sell off some "toys" to make room for new ones before the wife kicks me out, or I simply find myself no longer using a product or helicopter. 

All used RC equipment listed on this page is in good working order unless otherwise indicated.

Used RC Equipment Purchasing & Shipping

If you are interested in any product/s listed on this page, please use the contact form on the bottom of this page to contact me stating what product/s you are interested in. I'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the item/s. If you want to make an offer on something, feel free. I usually won't turn down a reasonable offer. 

If you want to purchase the item/s, I'll then send you a PayPal invoice (which can also be paid by major credit card if you don't have a PayPal account) for the item/s along with the shipping charges which I list for each item. Shipping can be combined for more than one item naturally.

I'm located in BC, Canada and therefore ship only to Canada & USA addresses using Canada Post. If you are near my location (Valemount, BC, Canada) or passing through and want to pick up the item/s to avoid shipping charges, that can certainly be arranged.

I keep this list current. If you see it, I have it (unless it just sold).

Here's What I Currently (February 2021) Have For Sale:

LG/EZ OS-5060A 2 channel, dual trace, 60MHz analog oscilloscope.

$140.00 USD + Shipping

OS-5060A 60MHz Analog Oscilloscope For Sale

Good working condition, clean, no scratches on screen, used in clean test lab & hobby shop environment. Comes with IEC C13 power cord and two BNC passive oscilloscope probes (switchable attenuation of 1x/10x). Some minor yellowing of the plastic and a couple cracks on two of the smaller dial knobs. More photos available on request. 

For full specifications and operating instructions, here's the link to the OS-5060A owner's manual PDF:

  • This analog o-scope is heavy at close to 15 lbs / 7 kg and rather large thus shipping charges will be quite high if you are unable to pick it up in person. Rough estimate depending on location in Canada will be around $50 USD. Shipping to the US, likely around $70 USD. If interested, please contact me with your exact location so I can give a more accurate shipping quote. 

Thunder Power TP-610C Computerized RC Charger - Very Good Condition

$25.00 USD + Shipping

This little TP-610C charger is in very good shape with no excessive scratches on the display or case. Comes with the TP610C-BL2 balance board which has both Thunder Power and of course JST XH balance ports (up to 6S). Has standard 4mm banana inputs for standard charging harnesses.

At only 80W & 10A max charging current, this is not that powerful of a charger, but it's certainly adequate for smaller capacity batteries or if you don't need extra power for parallel charging multiple packs. The TP610C supports A123 & LiPo lithium chemistry batteries (up to 6S), along with NiMh (up to 14S), NiCad (up to 14S) and PB (6V, 12V, & 24V). NOTE! Does not support LiFe.

Requires an external power supply with an output voltage from 11 to 16 VDC with 80W 10A output rating (not included). I used this charger primary out at the flying field (due to it's small size) to charge RX & TX packs. I powered it most of the time from 12VDC vehicle batteries.

Owner's manual is included but here's a link to the PDF if you want to study it before hand. It's not the most intuitive menu layout around (likely because I'm so accustomed to iChargers layout), but after a little playing around things fall into place. 

Shipping: Canada $ 15.00 USD / USA: $20.00 USD

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