Used RC Equipment For Sale

I sometimes need to have a "garage sale" and list my used RC equipment for sale on this page when it becomes available.

The reasons I need to sell my used RC stuff are for the same reasons most of us do... I'm either upgrading, I run out of room and need to sell off some "toys" to make room for new ones before the wife kicks me out, or I simply find myself no longer using a product or helicopter. 

All used RC equipment listed on this page is in good working order unless otherwise indicated.

Used RC Equipment Purchasing & Shipping

If you are interested in any product/s listed on this page, please use the contact form on the bottom of this page to contact me stating what product/s you are interested in. I'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the item/s. If you want to make an offer on something, feel free. I usually won't turn down a reasonable offer. 

If you want to purchase the item/s, I'll then send you a PayPal invoice (which can also be paid by major credit card if you don't have a PayPal account) for the item/s along with the shipping charges which I list for each item. Shipping can be combined for more than one item naturally.

I'm located in BC, Canada and therefore tend to ship only to Canada & USA addresses using Canada Post. Shipping overseas is very expensive. If you are near my location (Valemount, BC, Canada) or passing through and want to pick up the item/s to avoid shipping charges, that can certainly be arranged.

I keep this list current. If you see it, I have it (unless it just sold).

Here's What I Currently (August 2019) Have For Sale:

Captron (Bavarian Demon) HeliCommand Rigid V.1 Flybarless Control System with HeliCommand PC Programming CD Software  (used)

$85.00 USD + Shipping

Captron HeliCommand FBL Controller

I used this FBL unit in my Intrepid turbine heli until I changed it out for the Bavarian Demon 3X a few years ago. It has never been crashed and works great. This FBL unit also has an optical stabilization feature if you wish to use optical stabilization. Please note, programming cable is the original Serial type, not USB. Unless you have an older computer with a serial port, you'll also need a serial to USB adapter. Not a good newbie FBL unit as programing is not intuitive. Ideal buyer will be an experienced HeliCommand Rigid user wanting another one or a replacement.

  • Shipping Within Canada: $10.00 USD
  • Shipping To USA: $15.00 USD

FEIYU Tech FY-30A Inertial Attitude Three Axis Stabilization System For Fixed Wing (new in box)

$65.00 USD + Shipping

FEIYU Tech FY-30A Fixed Wing Stabilization System

I picked this fixed wing stabilization controller up a few years ago intending to use in an airplane I have yet to build - no time. I've opened the box to read the instructions, but other than that, it's new.

  • Shipping Within Canada: $10.00 USD
  • Shipping To USA: $15.00 USD

Eflite LP3000-3 2S & 3S LiPo Charger (never used)

$10.00 USD + Shipping

This LP3000-3 charger (Eflite Part#EFLC3010) came with an Eflite plane and I never used the charger (other than testing it today to make sure it works before listing it for sale - all okay). It will charge 2S and 3S LiPo batteries using the JST-XH balance plug. The charge rate is variable (using the small dial), from 0.5A up to 3.0A.

Requires a 10.5 to 15.0VDC input voltage source. Here is the link to Horizon's product page if you want more info about it.

  • Shipping Within Canada: $12.00USD
  • Shipping To USA: $16.00 USD

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