Used RC Equipment For Sale

I sometimes need to have a garage sale and list my used RC equipment for sale on this page when it becomes available.

The reasons I need to sell my used RC stuff are for the same reasons most of us do... I'm either upgrading, I run out of room and need to sell off some toys to make room for new ones before the wife kicks me out, or I simply find myself no longer using a product or helicopter. 

All used RC equipment listed on this page is in good working order unless otherwise indicated.

Used RC Equipment Purchasing & Shipping

If you are interested in any product/s listed on this page, please use the contact form on the bottom of this page to contact me stating what product/s you are interested in. I'll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the item/s. 

If you want to purchase the item/s, I'll then send you a PayPal invoice (which can also be paid by major credit card if you don't have a PayPal account) for the item/s along with the shipping charges which I list for each item. Shipping can be combined for more than one item naturally.

I'm located in BC, Canada and therefore ship only to Canada & USA addresses using Canada Post. If you are near my location (Valemount, BC, Canada) or passing through and want to pick up the item/s to avoid shipping charges, that can certainly be arranged.

I keep this list current. If you see it, I have it (unless it just sold).

Here's What I Currently (June 2024) Have For Sale:

Eachine E120S Direct Drive Ready To Fly (RTF) Heli Package - New/Open Box Never Flown! 

$100.00 USD + Shipping

Eachine E120S Direct Drive Ready To Fly RC Helicopter Package

The Eachine E120S is one of the smallest direct drive collective pitch RC helicopter currently on the market. The design is interesting in that it's using a direct drive main motor powering the main rotor with a brushed coreless tail motor to save a bit of weight and lower the cost. 

The included Eachine Mode 2, 6 channel computerized 2.4GHz transmitter uses Futaba's S-FHSS protocol and is a decent entry level computerized radio that you can pair other helicopters and planes to in the 10 model memory.

The E120S uses Eachine's 3D6G flybarless system with both normal gyro and auto level stabilization (selected with channel 5). 

  • Rotor diameter:290mm
  • Body length: 265mm
  • Height:88mm
  • Weight:115g
  • Battery: 3x - LiPo 7.4V(500MAH) 30C
  • Shipping within Canada Regular Post $32.00 USD
  • Shipping to USA Canada Post Expedited USA $52.00 USD

Esky 150V3 Bind To Fly Fixed Pitch Micro Heli with Auto Altitude Hold Easy Beginner Mode - New Never Flown!

$30.00 USD + Shipping

Esky 150V3 Bind to Fly RC Helicopter

The Esky 150V3 is Esky's third generation 150 fixed pitch, single rotor micro RC helicopter aimed at the RC helicopter newbie as their first RC helicopter. It's easy to fly thanks to Esky's auto level stabilization and new auto altitude hold flight modes.   

These are the exact same mechanics/electronics that are in their 150 EC scale EC135 micro heli that I reviewed recently (see video below). The 150V3 however being pod & boom is lighter so it has slightly better flight times, flight performance and of course is a little more robust. 

Comes with one 1S 150 LiPo Battery & USB charger.

This is the BTF (bind to fly) version so no transmitter comes with it. I do however have the transmitter that came with my 150 EC that I'm not using and would consider selling it with this heli for anyone wanting a transmitter as well for an additional $15.00 USD. This heli will also bind to multi-protocol transmitters if you have one using the Esky 150V2 protocol. I have a separate video on that well which is also shown below. 

  • * Shipping within Canada Regular Post $20.00 USD
  • * Shipping to USA Canada Post Expedited USA $30.00 USD

* Note, if you want the Esky transmitter I have as well, $15.00 USD will be added to cover the added size and weight. 

LG/EZ OS-5060A 2 channel, dual trace, 60MHz analog oscilloscope.

$100.00 USD + Shipping

Used OS-5060A 60MHz Analog Oscilloscope For Sale

Good working condition, clean, no scratches on screen, used in clean test lab & hobby shop environment. Comes with IEC C13 power cord and two BNC passive oscilloscope probes (switchable attenuation of 1x/10x). Some minor yellowing of the plastic and a couple cracks on two of the smaller dial knobs. 

For full specifications and operating instructions, here's the link to the OS-5060A owner's manual PDF:

  • This analog o-scope is heavy at close to 15 lbs / 7 kg and rather large thus shipping charges will be quite high if you are unable to pick it up in person. Rough estimate depending on location in Canada will be around $80 USD. Shipping to the US, around $110 USD. If interested, please contact me with your exact location so I can give a more accurate shipping quote. 

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