How To Build RC Helicopter Training Gear & Save Your Rotor Blades

RC helicopter training gear is one of the best training and learning aids you can get when starting out in this hobby; even with today's self leveling systems / SAFE.

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Now Including Micro Size Heli Training Gear

There is not a single training aid that you can purchase, or better yet build, when you are learning to fly an RC heli that costs so little, yet saves so much.

Some people new to the hobby feel training gear is a waste of money and don't bother getting or building any only to find out after they crash, just how important they are.

Training gear do much more than just offer "tip over protection", they help increase visual presence.

With today's smaller and micro sized RC helicopters that can be very hard to see and detect small amount of movements, the increased visual benefit from training gear is even more important than tip over protection.

In short, they will allow you to react sooner, which helps you avoid over-correction of the controls; something all beginners have difficulty with. Yes, even with the new electronic auto level and SAFE stabilization modes.

Micro Heli With Home Made Training GearMicro Heli Benefiting From DIY Training Gear

A set of helicopter training gear for a mid sized helicopter purchased at a hobby shop can range from $25.00 to $40.00. This is still very reasonable considering how many rotor blades and other damage will be saved, but you can build your own for a fraction of that.

This "DIY How-To" eBook of mine takes you through the process of building a customized set of RC helicopter training gear for your heli. Sizing, materials, construction, tips and more - everything you need to make a set of gear as good or better than most commercially available sets.

This book shows how to build training gear for RC helicopter sizes ranging from tiny micro fixed & collective pitch up to big 800 electrics & 90 sized nitros.

I'm not going to waste your time on an endless sales page promoting this "how to eBook". I show the table of contents, excerpts, and ordering information. You'll know best if the eBook has the information you are looking for.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction... Page 3
  • Chapter 2 – Benefits of Training Gear... Page 5
  • Chapter 3 – Sizing Your Training Gear... Page 7
  • Chapter 4 – What Materials You'll Need... Page 13
  • Chapter 5 – Constructing The Training Gear... Page 15
  • Chapter 6 – Installing The Gear On Your Heli... Page 21
  • Chapter 7 – Building Micro Training Gear... Page 24
  • Chapter 8 - Final Thoughts... Page 39

Excerpts from the "How To Build RC Helicopter Training Gear" e-Book...

Chapter 1
So Why Would You Want To Build Your Own Training Gear?

Simple – building training gear for a RC helicopter is actually very easy and cost effective. You can save a good deal of money and have a little building fun at the same time. The materials for building a set of medium sized (30-50 size nitro) training gear can be purchased at any hardware store or even places like Wal-Mart. The cost of materials will be under $10.00 USD in most cases, less if you can find stuff on sale or have some of the materials already on hand. Compare that to a set from a hobby shop that will be in the $25.00 to $40.00 dollar range, I have even seen sets as high as $70.00.

If you build your own set, you can fine tune it to your specific heli and your own needs. You don’t have to worry about breaking a set from a hard landing or crash. You can build another set or repair the damage quickly and easily. It only takes about 20 minutes to turn out a nice set of training gear that will give as much protection as any store bought set.------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Chapter 3
Sizing Your Training Gear...
Before you go shopping for training gear materials, you must know what size of training gear you are going to be building; obviously this plays a fairly important roll in your shopping list.

There are 3 main parts to the RC heli training gear.

The two parts of the training gear that are size dependent on the helicopter are the sticks and center hub. The specific balls we are going to be using will work on any size heli from 400 electrics up to 90 size nitros.

Time to get out that tape measure or ruler...

Chapter 4
Material List...
Back so soon? Guess it is time to get the list together and head out.

So, what do you have so far? Let’s say we are building a set of training gear for a 400 size heli like E-flite’s Blade 400. Here is what should be on the list...

Oops, I almost forgot to talk about the actual balls that go on the end of each stick. What are they, where do you get them from, and are they important. Some people ask me what the balls are for and can you omit them?

Chapter 7
Now, I should mention right off the bat, that unlike building training gear for larger RC helicopters which can save you a fair amount of money over store bought sets; building micro gear initially won't save you a dime and will usually end up costing more unless you already have the materials on hand. So why bother? Well, it turns out store bought micro sized gear is very limited in sizing right now and unless we are talking small mCX, mSR, or Nano type micros, it's actually very difficult to find the proper size gear for helis like the 120SR's, CX's, mCPx's, and 130X's; same goes for 200 to 300 size birds - very little in the way of commercially available training gear for those larger size micros & small helis.


Chapter 8
Final Thoughts/Tips...
The whole idea behind building your own set of training gear was to save some cash plus have a customized sized set of gear for your heli. The other nice thing with this process is you now know how to build a set for whatever size helicopter you get or modify them to suit your own needs. Finally, if you break a home made set they are easy to repair or rebuild.

Training Gear Vibrations

Homemade or store bought, training gear can vibrate (sometimes quite harshly), if the right set of conditions are present. I'm not going to get into heavy "vibration analysis" here; but I do want to at least point out a few things to check and do to eliminate it if your training gear happens to vibrate.

The first thing to check for is...

Larger 600 Size Heli With Home Made Training Gear InstalledLarger 600 Size Heli With Home Made, DIY Training Gear Installed

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Have fun building and flying!

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