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Looking for Blade mSR tips, mSRX tips & 120SR tips & help?

After getting many such questions on these neat little micro single rotor fixed pitch RC helicopters; I decided to write an eBook covering all the common questions, problems, and concerns people have been asking and experiencing with their Blade mSR, mSRX & 120SR micro RC helicopters.

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The main goal of this Blade mSR Tips eBook is to help you understand what makes the mSR, mSRX, & 120SR tick and give you all the information needed in a clear & concise way; along with over 100 actual photos demonstrating many tips to get the most out of your mSR/X or 120SR.

Whether you already own a mSR, mSRX, or 120SR, or are thinking of getting one these great little birds; this 93 page eBook will help answer many of the common and not so common questions. Some of the material is more advanced as are the procedures; there are also many basic tips to help out the very first time RC heli pilot brand new to the mSR/X or 120SR.

As with my other eBooks/guides, I am not going to bore or insult you with a endless sales pitch. I'll show you what's in the "Getting The Most Out Of Your Blade mSR/X & 120SR" eBook by way of excerpts taken from the e-book, the table of contents, ordering information, and some customer feedback about the eBook at the bottom of the page.

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction ... Page 3
  • Chapter 2 - mSR/X/120SR Tail Rotor Motor Protection (TRMP) ... Page 10
  • Chapter 3 - Adjusting mSR/X/120SR Blade Tracking ... Page 18
  • Chapter 4 - Basic mSR/X/120SR Computerized Radio Setup ... Page 21
  • Chapter 5 - Advanced mSR/120SR Radio Programming ... Page 39
  • Chapter 6 - mSR Flybar Modification To Reduce TBO ... Page 49
  • Chapter 7 - Maintenance, Repairs, Improvements ... Page 53
  • Chapter 8 - LiPo Battery Options & Charging ... Page 81
  • Chapter 9 - Conclusion ... Page 94

Excerpts From The Blade mSR Tips eBook

Chapter 1 - Introduction:

I more than often disagree with manufacturer’s claims when it comes to "recommendations" for beginner, intermediate or advanced RC heli enthusiast. These are all market driven responses in my opinion as it depends more on the individual than the helicopter at what level you can successfully start with. Lots of people for example start with complex collective pitch birds and do so with great success because they did their homework. They understand it will take a long time to learn how to fly and know the importance of a good flight training program – methodical and logical.

That said, I do agree the mSR & 120SR are good stepping stones if you are intimidated by starting out with single rotor collective pitch right off the bat. Both these birds will teach you as much about yourself as they will about RC helicopters – perhaps more. With the right settings, they will certainly hone your skills that are transferable to single rotor collective pitch if and when you want to take that next fun step. The mSRX is an even better transitional step for learning collective pitch because the cyclic response is very close to that of a CP heli. As I said in my review on it, it requires active piloting to keep it in one spot much more so than the flybar version which more or less holds the little bird in a hover with no pilot input. This is the biggest difference between the two, and if/when a 120SRX comes out, I’m sure the same will be true for it.

Chapter 2 - mSR/X/120SR Tail Rotor Motor Protection (TRMP):

If there is one absolute weakness on the Blade mSR/X & 120SR, it's the fine exposed wiring that exits out the hollow tail boom to the tiny coreless tail motor. If you are flying in a carpeted room with only soft hazards such as pillows and a big comfy couch, the chances of doing damage to your tail motor wiring is slim. If on the other hand, you are flying in the garage, gym, outside, or any place where the tail motor could come into contact with a less than soft surface, your very first "to do" item is to protect the tail motor with this 30 second fix.

Chapter 3 - Adjusting mSR/X/120SR Blade Tracking:

"Seriously – blade tracking adjustment on the mSR/X/120SR, you must be joking!" I hear you saying. Yes, it’s certainly worth while to check and try to adjust since every set of blades I have had for the mSR (ok, I have only had 4 sets, but others who contact me say the same thing) have been out of track. The mSR will fly not too bad with out of track blades, but it does vibrate and once you set the tracking correctly – it really smooths the bird out.

By the way, this method will work on any type of high lift plastic rotor blade. I use this method on all my Blade CX’s for example with great results every time.

Chapter 4 - Basic mSR/X/120SR Computerized Radio Setup:

This chapter focuses on programming a full function DSM2 computerized radio to be used with the Blade mSR, mSRX, or 120SR. This could be anything from a Spektrum DX6i to a JR X12 or perhaps a Futaba computerized radio with a Spektrum DSM2 module. I get more questions about computerized radio setup and programming on the mSR, mSRX, & 120SR over all other questions combined. It isn’t hard since the bird will fly pretty well with an "out of box bind" but that just scratches the surface. There is one big difference in my programming setup over E-flite’s recommendations – I strongly recommend that "HELI" mode be used – not "ACRO", I will explain why when we get down to throttle curves.

Chapter 5 - Advanced mSR/120SR Radio Programming:

Once you are comfortable flying your Blade mSR or 120SR, you may want to start altering things a bit in the radio programming to make them mimic a true single rotor collective pitch helicopter while hovering. This is especially useful for practicing nose in hovering where your cyclic controls are reversed. The Blade mSR & 120SR are in my opinion some of the best single rotor collective pitch nose in hovering training aids provided they are set up correctly. Perhaps even better than a good simulator since you are actually flying something real and the "fear or stress factor" is somewhat duplicated while the "fun factor" is maintained.

The other "advanced programming" field that will be discussed in this chapter is how to eliminate the "built-in" rudder/elevator mixing that is programmed into the 5 in 1 unit on the mSR.

Chapter 6 - mSR Flybar Modification to Reduce TBO:

I am probably the last guy to recommend any low tech modifications to any RC helicopter to make it fly better. I am a firm believer to keep things 100 percent stock since 99% of the time, most low tech mods produce poor results at best. You may gain a slight edge in performance for one specific area of flight but drastically alter the flight characteristics for the worse in many other areas. Let’s face it, engineers have worked out all the bugs and done all that can be done to give the best compromise of flight performance across the board. As I have stated many times, all helicopters (model and full size) are a design compromise between stability, maneuverability, power consumption, lifting ability, flight speed, and of course – COST.

All that said; here is a simple modification I have experimented with to my flybar on my mSR. It actually works and doesn’t alter the flight characteristics that much...

Chapter 7 - Maintenance, Repairs, Improvements:

In this chapter I will go over some common areas of maintenance required on the Blade mSR, mSRX, & 120SR, frequent repair items, and several improvements you may want to try. I will also point out some good spare parts to keep on hand so you are not grounded when something wears out or breaks.


Flybar wear limits...

While the Flybar Modification Chapter is still fresh in my head, I may as well start with this item since it is the fastest wearing item on the mSR but to a lesser extent on the 120SR. This has been confirmed both with my experiences, and many others who contacted me. This is obviously why E-flite/Blade includes a spare flybar in the accessory package with each Blade mSR (not so with the 120).


As is the case with all of E-flite’s & Blade’s micro helicopters, the swashplate halves are press fit together and can slowly separate over time or during a sudden hard crash. The result is an uncontrollable heli since a separated swash has the same effect as a backward and right cyclic command, the more it is separated, the more severe the effect.

That said, the AS3X gyro system on the mSRX does a very good job at automatically correcting for this and you may not even know it has happened.

Chapter 8 - mSR/X & 120SR LiPo Battery Options & Charging:

I soldered my new micro plug harness on the left side of the board after de-soldering and removing the stock harness from the right side of the board. Pay special attention to polarity! The positive post on the circuit board is forward of the negative. I doubt there is any polarity protection on these 4-in-1’s and if you get it wrong, it’s likely going to be a costly mistake...

Blade mSR/X/120SR Tips eBook

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Please remember, this is an eBook and there are NO hard copies available.

Have fun flying and tinkering with your Blade mSR, mSRX, or 120SR!

Blade mSR Tips eBook Testimonials

John, I am a VERY happy customer!! I got your Blade mSR Tips e-book a week ago for getting my MSRx going with my JR 9503 and it worked perfect! Did I mention this was my first Heli and I absolutely could not fly it until I read your e-book? Today I went to my first indoor club event and WOW I had a blast! I am still learning, but because of your book I didn't look like a beginner!!  Thanks John

Brad Whittle - United States


John - I have been referring to your website over the last year since getting into the rc heli hobby and have found it an amazing resource. I got a 120sr about 6 months ago and thanks to the pitfalls of being a rookie 4ch flyer, have had some issues with TBE, vibration and some of the other common stuff. Had to figure out the source of the problems from googling around the web. Bought the msr/120 sr ebook yesterday - awesome reference.  Wish I found it 4 months ago. Just got a dx6i radio and programmed in the settings suggested in your Blade mSR Tips ebook. The 120 flies like a different bird - especially the greatly improved throttle control and more balanced aileron. Thanks for putting together such a helpful resource!

Greg Margolis - United States


John, I downloaded your e-book 'Getting The Most Out Of Your mSR/X & 120SR' and I couldn't be happier! The presentation clarified a lot of issues and helped me move forward in the right direction. I'm now going to dive into flybar-less flight because your explanation regarding the mSR X was so clear. Thank you very much!

Peter Riddell - United States


I just wanted to say thank you for the work you have put into your e-books and reviews.  I am relatively new to RC Helicopters, and have purchased 5 in the past three months.  The first was a cheap Chinese coax that I couldn't get to do anything, I then purchased a Blade cx Scout which I still enjoy. Then I found your site and purchased a 120sr RTF and I had fun but was limited by my skills. After purchasing your Blade mSR tips ebook on the mSR/X/120sr and a DX6i my world was opened up and my enjoyment of these machines has increased 1000 percent. I now own a mCX2 and a mSRX so I can enjoy flying at night in my house (I work night shift). I hope to purchase a Blade 450 3D in about a year to get into CP machines. Thanks for all your info and hard work to make this hobby fun and enjoyable.

D. Matthew Lyvers - United States


Hi John, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your e-book about the Blade mSR. I honestly have been searching the internet for weeks looking for Blade mSR tips. I found a few that did and didn't work. I then stumbled across your e-book offering and decided for only 8 dollars to give it a try. I have to tell you, I certainly never expected all the information you gave in this book. I had no idea there was so much you could do with the mSR. I especially liked your explanation of toilet bowl effect and how to fix it. Your tips worked and my mSR is hovering better then it ever has. I still am digesting all the information and can't wait to apply it, especially the fly bar modification. Good thing I am on holidays next week - once again, thanks!

Stan Hunter - United States


Hi John, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I purchased your Blade mSR Tips e-book and believe it is the best upgrade for the mSR on the market. I found your website when I was considering upgrading my mSR with with some of the aluminum parts that are available.  With your tips, I've got my mSR "locked-in" with stock parts and
thus considerable cost and weight savings.

Doug - Canada


Hi, John. I just purchased your Blade mSR Tips e-book on the MSR/X/120 and had to write to tell you I absolutely love it!! I'm fairly new into the helis and your tips and programming techniques were exactly what I was looking for. I'm sure it will be referenced many times in the near future.  Thanks for a great product! 

Larry Kappel - United States


Thanks so much for the blade msr tips book - it explained more to me about not only flying the msr, but also about the Dx6i. After reading both the official manuals I understood nothing. Hours of internet searching - still none the wiser. But everything for the beginner is there in your manual. I believe e-flite should send it standard with the heli.

Guy Ester - Netherlands


I recently bought a copy of your e-book; "Getting the most out of your Blade mSR" and I wanted to say "thanks"! I'm just getting into electric micro helis (bypassing the mCX, too simple) and your guide has been really useful and informative for me. The section on programming my DX6i for use with the mSR was a godsend! By getting the Tx profile set and tweaking the blade tracking per your simple to follow instructions, my mSR flys so much better and is much more controllable. The mSR review you did on your website was also of great interest as well.

Again, thanks and best regards - Jeff Houck - United States


Hi John, I've been spending the last 6 weeks flying, fixing, and learning with my new DX7, CX2 and mSR. Your Blade mSR tips book taught me more in a couple of hours than I had learned in the past month! You explain things well, and you seem to hit on the important things that I really need to know. The throttle curves work great, and I've been experimenting with Dual Rate and Expo. It's snowing here, so I'm stuck flying in my living room, and these adjustments make for better practice and more fun!

Thanks again, Rick Rheaume - United States


Hi John, just an update :-) I downloaded your Blade mSR tips e-book the other day, purchased a mSR, was a bit too eager to get it in the air, unfortunately. I only read through chapter four, setting up my DX6i. After a bit of testing, I found the settings that worked for me (and after reading the whole book). Finally I now understand what dual rate and expo mean, tried different settings, looked at the servo movement, and ended up with these: This was a great book, just what I needed. I now I have all four books you have wrote, great work, and I hope you will be continuing this good work.

Best regards, Rune Aagesen - Norway


Hey John, Since I found out about the Blade msr tips e-book you were writing on the mSR, I have been checking your web site for the past 2 weeks. I was so happy to see you just released it. You didn't miss anything in my opinion, in fact you covered way more then I was expecting. As you mentioned in the book, your viewers had a big part in the many topics that were addressed and I was happy to be one of them. As I have come to expect from reading the many articles on your web pages, your explanations in the book are so easy to understand and the pictures are a great help. My mSR is now flying like new again. I don't have a computerized radio yet, but I hope Santa brings one. I have given my wife many DX6i hints. I can't wait to try out your settings on a better radio to really have a blast with this little helicopter. Thanks again!

Terry Arnold - United States

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