600ESP Parts For Sale


These 600ESP parts are what I'm currently stocking for my Phoenixtech kits or other 600ESP's such as Align's T-Rex. I have focused on parts unique & specific to the 600ESP because other parts such as blades, bearings, & canopies can be found easily elsewhere.

That said, as I get a better feel for what other 600ESP support parts my customers would like me to carry, I will certainly bring them in and add them to this page. Please contact me using my contact page or the form at the bottom of this page along with your input/feedback for other 600ESP parts that you would like to see stocked.

Please Note: Phoenixtech 600ESP frame spacing is 54mm wide. Stock Align 600ESP frame spacing is 47mm wide unless it's been upgraded to the wide spacing. Any part listed below that is specific to 54mm wide frame spacing states: (54mm wide frame spacing).

IMPORTANT September 2023 Update: Due to all the negative outcomes of the Coronavirus pandemic, I'll likely never be able to get parts from Phoenixtech again due to supply issues along with skyrocketing shipping & import costs into Canada. 

What parts I have left in stock are of course still available for purchase, but once they are sold out, that's likely the end of my litty 600ESP parts biz.

Motion RC in the USA since the start of the pandemic has become a Phoenixtech dealer, so you can check with them for specific 600ESP parts.


600ESP Main Gear Set

Main Drive Gear

Part # RCHF60019

  • 170T / Modulus: 0.7
  • 2 gears per pkg

$15.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Autorotaion/Tail Gear Set

Autorotation Tail Drive Gear

Part # RCHF60020

  • 180T
  • 2 gears per pkg

$15.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Gear Case & One Way Bearing

Main Gear Case/Hub Set

Part # RCHF6064-00

  • One-way bearing HF1216 x 1(Φ12xΦ18x16mm)
  • Main gear case x 1(Φ55x14.5mm)
  • Hex socket self tapping screw x 5(T3x7mm)
  • One-way bearing shaft x 1(Φ9xΦ12x34.55mm)
  • Washer x 1(Φ11.5xΦ18x0.8mm)

$18.00 USD Sorry Sold Out 

600ESP Front Torque Tube Gear Set

Torque Tube Front Drive Gear Set

Part # RCHF60147-01

  • Front drive gear assembly x 3
  • Front umbrella gear-20T x 3(Φ21.2x33.6mm)
  • Auto umbrella gear-20T x 3(Φ21.2x12.5mm)
  • Pin x 3(Φ1.5x8.8mm)
  • 3 gear sets per pkg

$25.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Rear Tail Shaft / Torque Tube Gear Set

Torque Tube Rear Drive Gear Set

Part # RCHF60123

  • Tail rotor shaft assembly x 1
  • Rear umbrella gear-20T x 1(Φ21.2x24.65mm)

$15.00 USD

600ESP 15T Pinion

Motor Pinion Gear 15T

Part # RCHF60174

  • Motor pinion gear 15T x 2
  • Modulus: 0.7
  • Shaft Diameter:Φ6mm
  • 2 gears per pkg

$9.00 USD Sorry Sold Out



600ESP Main Shafts

600ESP Main Shaft

Part # RCHF60159

  • Main shaft x 2(Φ10x201x29.3mm)
  • Lock collar x 1(Φ10xΦ16x6mm)
  • M4 set screw x 2(M4x4mm)
  • Socket collar screw x 2(M3x22mm)
  • M3 nut x 2
  • 2 shafts per pkg

$20.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Feathering Shaft

600ESP FBL Feathering Shaft

Part # RCHF60006

  • Feathering shaft x 2(Φ6xΦ8x93.2mm)
  • Feathering shaft washer x 2(Φ4xΦ12x1mm)
  • Socket screw x 2(M4x10mm)
  • 2 shafts per pkg

$12.00 USD


Rotor Head

600ESP Flybarless Head

600 E/ESP/Nitro FBL Head

Part # RCHF-FBL6002

  • Flybarless Head with blade grips, washouts, bearing set, dampeners, bolts, head button (fits 10mm rotor shafts)
  • Two Stainless Steel Pushrods & Four 5mm Ball Links
  • Two Stainless Steel 8.5mm long x 5mm dia x M3x3.0 balls for the larger/stronger 5mm flybarless ball links (replaces the two 12mm long x 4.75 dia x M3x3.0 balls that the flybared version uses on the swashplate).
  • "Bolt On" FBL head for 600 ESP flybarless conversions.

Keeps original mast length, swashplate, and all lower swashplate pushrods/links/balls.

$130.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP FBL Head Radius / Washout Arm Set

600 ESP FBL Head Radius/Washout Arms (pair)

Part # RCHF60165

  • Fits 4.75mm Balls

$6.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Swashplate

600 ESP Swashplate

Part # RCHF60017-E

  • CCPM metal swashplate x 1
  • Long linkage ball(M3x3) x 1(Φ4.75x24.59mm)
  • Linkage ball B(M3x3) x 6(Φ4.75x9.77mm)
  • Bearing(6806ZZ) x 1(Φ30xΦ42x7mm)

$35.00 USD Sorry Sold Out


Tail Components

600ESP Tail Boom Case

Tail Boom Case (54mm wide frame spacing)

Part # RCHF6030-1

  • Tail boom case(Left) x 1 
  • Tail boom case(Right) x 1
  • Hexagonal bolt x 6

$15.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Tail Drive Assembly

600ESP Tail Drive Assembly

Part # RCHF60133-00

  • Metal plate(L) x 1(39.5x25x9.3mm)
  • Metal plate(R) x 1(39.5x25x9.3mm)
  • Metal tail unit x 1(Φ18xΦ23.6x53mm)
  • Control arm mounting bolt x 1(15x7x11.6mm)
  • Tail rotor shaft assembly x 1
  • Aluminum bolt x 1(Φ4.98x24mm)
  • Bearing MR105ZZ x 2(Φ5xΦ10x4mm)

$45.00 USD Sorry Sold Out


Tail Boom Set          Part # RCHF6090-1

  • 600 ESP Aluminum Tail Boom x 2
  • Pushrod Guides x 2
  • 4.75mm Ball Links x 2
  • Pushrod x 1

$25.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Torque Tube With Support Bearing

600ESP Torque Tube

Part # RCHF60119-1

  • Torque tube x 1
  • Bearing MR148ZZ x 1(Φ8xΦ14x4mm)
  • Torque tube pin guide x 2(Φ8x12.5x7mm)

$ 25.00 USD Sorry Sold Out


Carbon Tail Blades 

Part # RCHFC0060

  • Shape: Symmetrical
  • Size: 95X28mm
  • Root Thickness: 5.0mm
  • Bolt Diameter: 3mm
  • Color will vary (full black or white/black)

$16.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Tail Rotor Hub

Tail Rotor Hub (original style for ESP)

Part # RCHF60157

  • 2 hubs per pkg
  • Tail rotor hub x 2(Φ10x39.6mm)
  • M4 set screw x 2(M4x4mm)

$10.00 USD

600ESP Tail Hub With Grips

600ESP Tail Rotor Hub With Grips

Part # RCHF60133-00

  • Metal tail rotor holder x 2
  • Stainless steel tail rotor hub x 1(Φ10x39.6mm)
  • Bearing MR105ZZ x 2(Φ5xΦ10x4mm)
  • Thrust Bearing F5-10M x 2
  • Washer x 2(Φ3xΦ8x0.6mm)
  • M4 set screw x 1(M4x4mm)
  • Socket screw x 2(M3x8mm)
  • Socket collar screw x 2(M3x16mm)

$32.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Tail Pitch Assembly

Metal Tail Pitch Assembly

Part # RCHF60077-1

  • Linkage ball A(T2.6x3.5) x 1(Φ4.75x8.18mm)
  • Bearing MR106ZZ x 2(Φ6xΦ10x2.5mm)
  • Slide shaft x 1(Φ5xΦ6x15.7mm)
  • Bearing mount x 1
  • Washer x 1(Φ6xΦ7.4x2mm)
  • Control link x 2
  • Collar A x 2(Φ2xΦ3x4.1mm)
  • Collar B x 2(Φ2xΦ3x3mm)
  • Collar screw x 4(M2x8mm)
  • Metal T type arm x 1

$12.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Plastic Tail Rotor Control Arm

Plastic Tail Rotor Control Arm Set

Part # RCHF60044

  • Bearing MR63ZZ x 2(Φ3xΦ6x2.5mm)
  • Tail rotor control arm x 1
  • Collar x 1(Φ3xΦ4.9x5mm)
  • Washer x 2(Φ3xΦ4.8x0.3mm)
  • Socket collar screw x 1(M3x15mm)
  • Linkage ball A(T2.6x3.5) x 1(Φ4.75x8.18mm)

$8.00 USD Sorry Sold Out


Frames, Trays, Spacers, Bearing Blocks

600ESP Carbon Main Frame Right Side

600ESP Carbon Main Frame Right Side

Part # RCHF60100

  • R-carbon frame 2mm x 1
  • Bearing mount x 1(Φ9xΦ15x4.5mm)
  • Bearing MR95ZZ x 1(Φ5xΦ9x3mm)

$50.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Carbon Main Frame Left Side

600ESP Carbon Main Frame Left Side

Part # RCHF60101

  • L-carbon frame 2mm x 1
  • Bearing mount x 1(Φ9xΦ15x4.5mm)
  • Bearing MR95ZZ x 1(Φ5xΦ9x3mm)

$50.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Main Bearing Blocks

Main Shaft Bearing Block Set (54mm wide frame spacing)

Part # RCHF55007

  • Metal bearing cap x 2(Φ16xΦ21.5x2mm)
  • Metal bearing holder x 2 (54mm wide inside frame spacing)
  • Bearing 6800ZZ x 2(Φ10xΦ19x5mm)
  • Socket screw x 8(M2x6mm)
  • Socket screw x 8(M3x10mm)
  • M3 Alu washer x 8(Φ3x Φ8x2mm)
  • 2 blocks per pkg

$20.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Optional 3RD Bearing Block

"Optional" Third Main Shaft Bearing Block (54mm wide frame spacing)

Part # RCHF60189-1

  • Metal bearing cap x 1(Φ16xΦ21.5x2mm)
  • Metal bearing holder x 1 (54mm wide frame spacing)
  • Bearing x 1(Φ9xΦ17x5mm)
  • Socket screw x 4(M2x6mm)
  • Socket screw x 4(M3x10mm)

$15.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Main Frame Parts/Tray Set

Main Frame Parts/Trays (54mm wide frame spacing)

Part # RCHF60028

  • 54mm Bottom Tray x 1
  • 54mm Battery mount x 1
  • 54mm Gyro mount x 1

$15.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP 54mm Wide Motor Mount

54mm Wide Motor Mount (54mm wide frame spacing)

Part # RCHF60033

$10.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Frame Spacer

Frame Spacer/Mounting Bolt (54mm wide frame spacing)

Part # RCHF6104

  • Aluminum frame mounting bolt x 2(Φ5xΦ6x54mm)
  • 2 spacers per pkg

$4.50 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Elevator Arm Control Shaft

600ESP Elevator Arm Control Shaft & Bellcrank Collars for 54mm frame spacing

Part # FHN6026

  • Includes two shafts & two collars

$ 8.00 USD

600ESP Canopy Mounting Pins

Metal Canopy Mounting Pins/Bolts

Part # RCHF60092 (shorter for 54mm wide frame spacing)

  • Canopy mounting bolt x 2
  • M3 washer x 2(Φ3xΦ8x1mm)
  • Socket screw x 2(M3x10mm)
  • 2 pins per pkg

$4.50 USD Sorry Sold Out


Miscellaneous 600ESP Parts

600ESP Dampener Set80° Dampener Rings Are Now Black

 FBL Head Damper Set - Black 80°

Part # RCHF60065

  • Damper Black 80° x 4(Φ8xΦ13x3.2mm)
  • Spacer x 2(Φ8xΦ11.5x1.3mm)

$7.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Elevator A-Arm Assembly

600ESP Elevator A-Arm Assembly

Part # RCHFN6102-00

  • Elevator arm x 1Elevator lever x 1
  • Control shaft x 1 (for 54mm frame spacing)
  • Bearing F683ZZ x 2(Φ3xΦ7x3mm)
  • M4 Set screw x 1(M4x4mm)
  • Socket button head screw x 2(M3x6mm)
  • Socket screw x 1(M2.5x8mm)
  • Elevator special ball link x 1
  • Linkage ball A(M3x4) x 2(Φ4.75x8.68mm)
  • Linkage ball B(M3x3) x 1(Φ4.75x9.77mm)
  • Linkage x 1(Φ5x88mm)

$30.00 USD Sorry Sold Out


600ESP Elevator A-Arm Special Ball Link

Part # RCHFP0005

  • Qty 1
  • For 4.75mm ball 

$1.50 USD Sorry Sold Out 

5.0mm Ball Links

5.0 mm Ball Links

Part # RCHF7058

12 per pkg

$6.00 USD

4.75mm Ball Links

4.75 mm  Ball Links

Part # RCHF60071A

12 per pkg 

$4.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Landing Strut Set

600ESP Landing Strut Set

Part # RCHF60111

  • Landing strut x 2
  • Mounting holes drilled for 54mm tray frame spacing

$10.00 USD Sorry Sold Out

600ESP Landing Skid Pipe Set

600ESP Landing Skid Pipe Set       Part # RCHF60137-00

  • Skid pipe x 2(Φ9x310mm)
  • Skid pipe end cap x 4

$10.00 USD Sorry Sold Out


600ESP Parts Shipping Charges Canada & USA

I currently ship to all Canadian & USA addresses (including the NWT, Alaska, & Hawaii). There is flat rate fee of $15 USD to all Canadian Address (Canada Post Regular Parcel Service) & $20 USD to all USA addresses (Canada Post Packet or Parcel Air USA Service).

I only use Canada Post to keep shipping costs down as post remains to be the most economical. All parts orders over $100.00 USD ship free within Canada.

All parts orders over $125.00 USD ship free to all continental US States (including Alaska & Hawaii). Shipping charges are automatically calculated at time of checkout after you enter your country and postal/zip code.

Tiny little parts that will fit in an ordinary sized envelope (ball links for example), won't cost as much to ship and I'll refund a portion of the flat rate shipping charges on those tiny sized part orders.  

By all means, if you want to add any spare 600ESP parts to a Phoenixtech 600ESP kit at time of order to save on shipping, please do so during the checkout process (using the shopping cart). There will be no additional shipping charged for the additional parts (they will be packaged with the kit contents). Some restrictions apply for large parts or a large quantity of parts.

Please use the contact form below if you have any additional questions about these 600ESP parts, ordering information, or shipping charges.

Contact Me

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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