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    RC Power Supply Basics & Review

    What to look for in an RC Power Supply. Voltage & amperage are the main considerations, but what about growth potential?

    Continue reading "RC Power Supply Basics & Review"

    Used RC Equipment For Sale

    Looking for used RC Equipment & Used RC Helicopters? I sometimes have used RC gear to sell here for good pricing.

    Continue reading "Used RC Equipment For Sale"

    Electric Helicopters Will Give You A Charge!

    Electric Helicopters are fast becoming the leading RC heli choice for so many. Let's take a closer look at them, how they work, and which is right for you.

    Continue reading "Electric Helicopters Will Give You A Charge!"

    DPS 600PB Build Procedure For RC Power Supply

    HP DPS 600PB Build Procedure. Save money by building your own high power RC power supply from very easy to find and inexpense parts.

    Continue reading "DPS 600PB Build Procedure For RC Power Supply"

    Align T-Rex 150X Review

    The T-Rex 150X Super Combo Just Might Be The Best Micro Collective Pitch RC Helicopter. Why? It Has Lots Of "Heart".

    Continue reading "Align T-Rex 150X Review"

    Align Helicopters – Best Quality For The Price?

    Align Helicopters Are Among The Best Quality RC Helicopters For The Price – Find Out Why.

    Continue reading "Align Helicopters – Best Quality For The Price?"

    Understanding RC Servos

    Understanding RC Servos - From digital to analog, brushed to brushless. Sizes, ratings, frequency, spline type, materials...

    Continue reading "Understanding RC Servos"

    Blade 330x Back To The Basics

    I Highly Recommend The Blade 330X For Those Getting Into Collective Pitch - Here's My Full Story Why.

    Continue reading "Blade 330x Back To The Basics"

    Blade Trio 360 CFX Review

    Full Review Of The Blade Trio 360 CFX - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly...

    Continue reading "Blade Trio 360 CFX Review"

    Blade 130 S Review

    Blade 130 S - The backyard collective pitch champ is back! Better than the 130X in most areas, but flight times suffer!

    Continue reading "Blade 130 S Review"

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