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    RC Radio Display Repair

    For those with colored displays on their transmitters, this video might be of interest. In short, don't make the same mistake I made.

    Continue reading "RC Radio Display Repair"

    LiPo Internal Resistance - Why It's Important

    LiPo internal resistance is a very useful measurement to monitor - here's how and why...

    Continue reading "LiPo Internal Resistance - Why It's Important"

    Puffed LiPo Battery - Questions & Answers

    Puffed LiPo questions I get asked include what causes a LiPo to puff, can they still be safely used, and can you vent them? Here are my answers...

    Continue reading "Puffed LiPo Battery - Questions & Answers"

    XK K123 Micro Scale AS350 Review

    The XK K123 micro collective pitch scale heli offers amazing detail, great price, and good design. It's not a 3D machine however, but perfect for scale flight.

    Continue reading "XK K123 Micro Scale AS350 Review"

    Blade Helicopters - Why They Are A Good Choice

    Why are Blade helicopters such a good brand to start with when the market is literally saturated with entry level RC helicopters? Let's find out.

    Continue reading "Blade Helicopters - Why They Are A Good Choice"

    Children RC Helicopter Safety Guide

    This children RC Helicopter safety guild will help you determine which type of RC helicopter is best suited for your junior pilot.

    Continue reading "Children RC Helicopter Safety Guide"

    XK K123 Micro Scale AS350 Video Review

    My detailed YouTube review of one of the neatest little collective pitch RC helicopters I've ever flown.

    Continue reading "XK K123 Micro Scale AS350 Video Review"

    Best LiPo Battery Brands - Price, Performance, Lifespan.

    You're looking for the best LiPo RC battery brand for the dollar but there is so much hype and BS! Here are my top pics based on actual long term usage.

    Continue reading "Best LiPo Battery Brands - Price, Performance, Lifespan. "

    Blade Nano S2 Review

    The Blade Nano S2 just might be the perfect indoor micro collective pitch RC helicopter - here's why..

    Continue reading "Blade Nano S2 Review"

    Align Helicopters Give Us Great Bang For the Buck

    Align Helicopters continue to give us some of the best value going in this hobby. Let's take a look so you can find the perfect kit for your needs.

    Continue reading "Align Helicopters Give Us Great Bang For the Buck"

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