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    Nitro RC Helicopter Cooling Fans

    How To Avoid Nitro RC Helicopter Cooling Fan Vibrations...

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    New Site Design

    As my many loyal visitors & customers will see, I'm in the process of updating my website design to a fresh, responsive layout.

    Navigation is now in a horizontal drop-down format or in a simple "menu" drop-down when viewed on smaller mobile screens.

    Please bear with me as I transition the site over the next few weeks. There are bound to be some issues with rendering, colors, and text sizes, but I hope it won't be too much of an annoyance as I get these issues sorted out.

    And by all means, don't hesitate to contact me to tell me what you think of the new design or any issues you may have with it.

    Thanks to my many visitors over the past decade. You are all what make this site possible, and I hope this new responsive design will take us through the next decade of "RC Helicopter Fun".

    Nitro RC Helicopter Starting Methods

    Lets Look At Several Nitro RC helicopter Starting Methods, Both In How The Engine Is Tuned Over, And How The Glow Plug Is Powered Up.

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    Are RC Helicopters Hard To Fly?

    Are RC Helicopters Hard To Fly - Yes & No depending on you and your helicopter - here's a simple expanation...

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    Blade 70S Review

    The Blade 70S Just May Be One Of Blades Best Fixed Pitch Micro RC Helicopters To Date. The Interesting Thing Is It's Not A Blade Heli At All, But Rather An ESky 150X. Which To Get? Let's Discuss...

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    The Mattel Vertibird - My First Helicopter

    The Mattel VertiBird was my very first helicopter, and one of my favorite toys. If you want to know more about these awsome toys, how they worked, and what to look for in a used one; I hope this article helps.

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    Understanding RC Antenna Operation & Placement

    What type of RC antenna should I use and where should I mount it for a solid RF link and best range? This is a very common question. To choose the what and where of antennas, you must first understand the basics of how and why RC antennas work.

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    Understanding The RC Quadrocopter

    The RC quadrocopter, also called the quadcopter, quadricopter, quad rotor RC helicopter, and unfortunately/incorrectly Drone; all fall into the category of multi-rotor RC. Let's learn more about them and give you some recomendations on purchasing your first.

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    RC Helicopter Controls Torque & Yaw

    RC Helicopter Controls Torque & Yaw. This article explaines how RC heli torque is produced and how we counter it. Various methods of yaw control are discussed which include fixed and variable tail rotors & pros & cons of each type.

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    Understanding RC Helicopter Radios

    RC helicopter radios have some interesting and different features / functions over that of standard fixed wing or multi/quad-rotor. Let's look at these differences and why you can’t setup or fly a modern day collective pitch RC helicopter without most of them.

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