My Favorite RC Hobby Shops

With all the RC hobby shops out there, how do you know which is a good one to deal with and purchase from? Simple answer - the ones that are honest, upfront, non intimidating, and treat each customer as a valued individual. Product knowledge, good pricing, and shipping options are as important.

I am only recommending the hobby shops I have used myself and have had positive experiences with.

RC Hobby Shop Recommendations

Buddy RC Hobby Shop

BUDDY RC is your first stop source for RC Batteries, Chargers, Power Supplies, & More.

While I was first getting into electric powered flight, like most people new to this power form, I had a lot to learn. I could have save myself several costly mistakes and lots of time if I had known Dale at Buddy RC. Fortunately, one of my loyal ebook customers told me about his great experience with Buddy RC and the wonderful and very knowledgeable electric power RC help Dale provided. I have since been a loyal Buddy RC customer, fan, and have recommend Buddy RC to many web visitors of mine. I get the same positive feedback from them time after time once they have talked to Dale or ordered products from his shop.

As far as I'm concerned, if you are in the market for good quality batteries, chargers, power supplies, charge/balance harnesses, para-boards, wiring, connectors, and many other electric related RC accessories, you owe it to yourself to check out Buddy RC. Dale gives the outstanding knowledgeable service we would all like to get while offering very low competitive prices. Dale keeps adding products to his growing lineup and I want to help him succeed in any way I can. He has helped me understand large electric powered flight more than just about anyone and he will do the same for you.

Hobby Alley RC Hobby Shop

Wayne and the gang at Hobby Alley located in Edmonton Alberta is one of my three on-line RC hobby shops of choice here in Canada. Great service, prices, selection, and they accept PayPal as well as other major credit cards plus they offer free shipping on most items if your order is over $100. If you are a Canadian customer, definitely check them out. I truly have been "wowed" by their willingness to bring in special items for me and the on-line shopping experiences I have had with them. is quite possibly the best on-line RC helicopter specific source here in Canada. They are located in Toronto Ontario and are another one of my Canadian on-line RC hobby shops of choice. I first found while searching for a Canadian SAB Heli Goblin dealer (yes, if you want A SAB Gobby, RotorQuest is one of the only Canadian dealers for them). On top of SAB Heli, they also carry all the better major brands such as Align, Compass, Gaui, Outrage, KDS, & Thunder Tiger. They specialize only in RC helicopters and heli equipment such as high end flybarless stabilization systems, tools, and parts. I was so impressed at how knowledgeable Shawn & Eugene were, not to mention being very helpful and courteous by extending a sale price to me on a rather pricey bird that I had missed out on. has very competitive pricing plus they offer free shipping on most orders over $100.00 placed and shipped within Canada. Definitely check them out...

Bergen RC Hobby Shop

When you are ready to get into larger gas powered or turbine powered RC helicopters, I highly recommend a visit to Bergen RC. Chris Bergen is very knowledgeable when it comes to large gassers and turbine powered birds (he was after-all a technician on the CH-47 Chinook while in the US Army). Bergen RC has some of the best quality "BIG" machines out there in my opinion. Without Chris's help, I wouldn't have even known where to begin when I was getting into turbine, and he will give you that same friendly & knowledgeable one on one help too. As he says "When someone buys a 44 Magnum, paying out over $5000 for this heli with engine, they become a personal friend of mine!! :)"

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Ron's RC Helicopters (formerly Ron's HeliProz South) is a great US based RC Helicopter specific hobby shop that I highly recommend. I really like/admire Ron's no BS style and his very good product line for the average to advanced RC helicopter enthusiast.

I've had many visitors to my site give nothing but kudos to Ron & his dedicated/helpful team. The main heli brands Ron carries are Align, Thunder Tiger, Blade, & JR. They also used to be one of the largest Minature Aircraft dealers before MA closed its doors in early 2014, but Ron still has many MA parts in stock.  

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