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I do link to certain products throughout my site mostly from Red Rocket Hobbies as I am affiliated with them. I have personally used, tried, or know these are good products (okay the Blade SR is the one exception - LOL). I do make a small commission on these products should you purchase the item from Red Rocket Hobbies using a link from my website. I use this money to help cover the costs of keeping this site going.

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RC Helicopters are not toys! They can be dangerous to your health and those around you. Serious injury or death is often the result of ignoring the dangers & risks involved in flying RC helicopters along with exposure to the chemicals, electronics, materials, and tools that are used directly or indirectly in this hobby. Risks go up substantially when getting complacent & overly comfortable and ignoring common sense. RC HELICOPTER FUN.COM therefore will not be held responsible or liable for, but not limited to, injuries of any sort, crashes, and property damage that was caused directly or indirectly as a result of this website, my eBooks, or by any third party site's products, advertising, information, recommendations, or suggestions.

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RC Heli Help e-Books

Setup & Tips For RC Helis

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The Setup & Tips For Electric Collective Pitch RC Helicopters e-book is all about setting up a collective pitch RC helicopter with a computerized radio to turn it into the perfect trainer. Click on the image of the book to find out more about what information is covered in this, my most popular & #1 selling e-book.

Beginners Guide To RC Helicopters

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The Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helicopters is an e-book that goes over the basics of getting started with RC helicopters. Click on the image of the book to learn more about what's inside.

Swash Setup & Leveling

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The 120/140 Degree Swashplate Setup & Levelling e-book shows how to properly setup and level a 120,135, or 140 degree electronically mixed swash to attain perfect interaction and a trimmed out bird off the bench. Click on the image of the book to learn more about it.

Getting The Most Out Of Your mSR/X & 120SR

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Getting The Most Out Of Your mSR/X & 120SR is an e-book that focuses on the Blade mSR, mSRX, & 120SR. Click on the image of the book if you want to find out more about it.

How To Build Training Gear

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RC helicopter training gear is the essential training aid used when learning to hover and fly most RC helicopters, this e-book shows how to build them. If you want to learn more about what's inside, click on the image of the book.

Beginners Guides Combo Deal

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Thinking of getting into planes too, or trying to decide between RC helicopters or RC airplanes? If so, the Beginners Combo deal which includes both the Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helicopters and the Beginners Guide To Flying RC Airplanes e-Books, represents excellent value for anyone looking to get started safely and quickly in either or both forms of radio control flying.

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